Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back To School (1) - SK Taman Bunga Raya 2, Bukit Beruntung

Our usual year end event is the Back To School and this would be our 5th time organizing this. For this year, we split the event to 2 parts, where one is for the school and another is for the poor families. The school SK Taman Bunga Raya 2, Rawang was selected as the recipients and 50 poor students were selected by the Parents Teacher Association. We have the usual fund raising and also getting additional items for the kids. Behind the scene, dedicated volunteers were bargaining for cheaper price for school uniforms, bags and embroiled bags. It is through the spirit of giving that makes everything falls into place on the day. On behalf of the children, A BIG THANK YOU to all, and not forgetting the donors too who have contributed to make this event a successful one!

Loaded and ready to go...

Toll all the way...

Loading up and prepare for the event

The hand over ceremony

Recipients coming to take their bounty

Smiling faces... ;)

Sweating and no easy task.. I was all wet!

Meanwhile, in the other end of the school.....

Queuing up for the free hair cut! :) 

Even the PTA head also get his hair cut.. Leadership By Example!

Lastly, many thanks to all sponsors and volunteers who had contributed one way or another, not only to this event, but along the years. Without your support and sponsorship, many of 1M1c projects would not have completed or even started. In January 2015, 1M1c will be 5 years old! Thank you to all sponsors as without the support, we would not has lasted this long. I am truly grateful for all the support 1M1c has been getting to keep this movement going.

To keep updating the blog and also Facebook is a bit tedious, hence I decided that all future activities will be updated in Facebook / Twitter (handle name - 1Month1charity) as a single point of information / photos.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Groceries for Orang Asli in Kampung Putra, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan - Nov 2014

Our next destination brings us to Orang Asli Settlement in Kampung Putra, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. Over here, we have 80 needy families that we will be helping. This is the second outstation project we have done after Sg Tiang Orang Asli Settlement. We are lucky that for this round, the heavy load grocery were purchased by volunteers from Seremban. Hence, we just meet up in Tesco Seremban Jaya, and proceed to location.

We had briefing at Tesco before proceed to location. The journey to destination was far and we had a convoy of 15 cars and almost 30 volunteers. We were greeted by the village chief upon arrival and without any delay, the team unload the groceries and prepare for the event.

Briefing at Tesco car park... and we still get lost.. hahaha...

Rice was pre-purchased by the team earlier

The recipients waiting for the event to start..

Clothes to be given away

Kids lining up for kiddy stuff

Stationary stuff for the kids.. all went back happy!
Some even came back for round 2!

Assembly line collection...

Kids were excited...

Giving out the groceries after their names are read from the list

Happy recipient!

Post event

Look at the smiling hmm....

Waited and waited till give muka kesian.. ;(

The smiles are priceless...

Goodies for the kids

The Red Team that made it... ;)
Again, many thanks to all volunteers who have made the journey, and also sponsors who have contributed to make the event a successful one. Also not forgetting the volunteers who have brought the additional stuff such as stationary, goody stuff and pre-loved clothes for them - a BIG thank you for making the kids happy and making a difference. More photos here...

Our next event will be Back to School in December.. so, join us! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - Oct 2014

As we have obtained a list of needy families, we had interviewed the families in order to start our Grocery For The Needy Program. Out of the 11 families interviewed, 8 families are still in current situation, while 2 had moved out and 1 had passed away.  The remaining 8 families become our very first batch of recipients for the groceries and will receive the groceries on every first week of the alternate month. The next cycle will be in January 2015 as this should have been a November activity.

The family profiles are single mothers with 4-6 children, OKUs and old folks. Based on the interviews that we have conducted, they do have jobs or some family members that are working, but their income is just sufficient for monthly expenses. With rising costs, we hope our little contributions will ease their burden. While we hope to be able to continue this in the long term, we also hope they are able to improve their own standard of living.

I will leave the descriptions of the family in the Facebook photo album...

Bread..all the way from KL to Klang. Someone had it for breakfast the next morning! :)

We hope our small contribution will help to ease their burden in their daily life. My appreciation to who have given their time, money and effort to ensure this program goes smoothly! :) Thank you all - Cecilia, Dymphna, Ryen, Winson, Richard, Ivan, Jenny, Melvin, Jared and Simon who have made this program POSSIBLE! We will put them in our Back To School Program in December 2014 to reduce the burden of the family.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - Sept 2014

Apologizes for the late entry update. For Sept 2014, groceries were sponsors from the team from GOC. As usual, we follow Tony on his monthly rounds to the needy homes located in Taman Sentosa.

First family - Single mother with 3 kids. Husband died of heart attack. She has weakness on her legs and current under medication. She is also a registered OKU but help from govt is insufficient.

2nd family - only the daughter is around as the parents are working. We gave the groceries to the children. According to uncle Tony they rent the house RM400 / month and parents salary can't covered their expenses. 

3rd family - parents was not around as they were working. They have 6 children in the family.

4th family - daughter & old mother. Daughter 45 yrs old and has 2nd stage breast cancer. The house tend to get flooded during flood season, hence the raised wall.

5th family - the family need to take care of their 18 years old OKU son. Parents with 4 children.

6th family - single mother with 3 kids.

7th family - Single mother with 6 children. Her husband died a long time ago when their twin daughters were 3 months old.

8th family - The family (single mother) need to take care of their bedridden son (accident) for 8 years. He just recently had his operation on his head to put back the skull. Operation was delayed for a long time due to his head conditions and bureaucratic red tapes.

9th family - Chindian family with lovely kids. Only 3 kids stay with them, another 2 kids send to church home. Husband working as a lorry driver earning less than RM1500.

10th family - Single mother with 4 sons. Husband drug addicted, passed away in jail. She's half blind  unable to work due to her conditions. She moved from another home to this location due to cheaper rental. Current room rental is RM200.

Special thanks to GOC members who have fully sponsored the event and Ms Ong who updated all the family profiles.