Saturday, October 20, 2012

St Judes Home, Shah Alam (Emergency Aid)

As I arrived at the home around 1030am, some of the old folks were sitting outside the sofa - looking at the morning serenity. Life tends to move at a slow pace here. I was responding to a FaceBook response post earlier, but due to time constraint, I was unable to respond to it. Quickly drop the groceries in the home and had a quick chat with Ravi. I was informed that they had run out of food earlier and they are just living with donations from donors.

Happy Face! :)
I bought some packets for biscuits for the kids and I couldnt feel happier to see the smile on their faces when I handed it to them. I didnt manage to take the rest of the kids' photos as they ran back to eat the biscuits!

Nothing much changed since our earlier trip, but good to see the improvement one of the tenants whom had his skull removed due to gang fight, has finally woke up, and able to eat and move around. His young wife is there taking care of him.

Guess what, the ducks have grew since the last time we were here 3 months ago. Hope to see more eggs and ducklings in the next trip! :)

The items donated are 2 packs of rice, vegetables, biscuits, Milo, sugar, bread, peanut butter, and Babas flour, potatoes, 2 trays of eggs and 2 3.5kg of bee hoon. Total spend RM253.30. The above groceries will be able to last for a month, so if you have time, do visit them.