Friday, May 20, 2016

Grocery for the Needies @Kg Seri Puchong - May 2016

2016/9 - Our usual Grocery for the Needy program bring us to Kg Seri Puchong for 80 needy families. As usual, we work with the village committee to identify the needy families, and also those old folks that need additional items like diapers and milk powder. Thank you Dr Azma and Roshida for the help to put this event together ;)

80 bags of rice....load and unload TWICE coz of RM1

Security check

Crowd waiting for the team...

Event start

Looks like a party!

1st station.. plastic bag station... 

Stacking up and ready....

Additional items sponsored.. TQ!

Delivery service...

1M1c The Next Gen

Happy recipients

I have to apologise for the long wait to the recipients and also volunteers at the Dewan on that day. While we try to do our best, due to unforeseen logistics issue, we were delayed and made everyone to wait for us.. ;( We also like to thank additional items sponsored which means the recipients get more than the original grocery pack. So TQVM! Till our next event.. ;)