Monday, October 24, 2016

Grocery for the Needies @Bahau, N9 - Oct 2016

2016/15 - Yes!! We complete our 2016 Oct event with providing groceries for 100 needy families in Bahau. The event was held at SMK Bahau 2, 11am 23Oct2016. We arrived about 1045am with unloading activities goes into full swing. As we enter the hall, we were greeted with well organised 6 registration counters, and all of the recipients were already waiting for us. I believe its one of the best organised registration process we had seen. The list of recipients and schools as below:-

i) SMK Bahau (29)
ii) SMK Bahau2 (10)
iii) SMK Bandar Baru Serting (10)
iv) Sekitar Kompleks Rakan Muda Jempol (11)
v) Kariah Madrasah Sirathal Mustqum, Kg Geddes (20)
vi) Kariah Masjid Rahmaniah Bahau (20)

We were caught in the typical protocol - stage, speech and sofa :) I know I am going to get stuck at the stage (with Dr Azma Abd Hamid beside me!) and wont be able to join the distribution line but I believe that the volunteers knows what to do. Great job guys! :) The event started with prayers by the Ustaz, followed by the speech by HM, who had shared his vision to all that through education, everyone can escape poverty, with himself as an example. He highlighted that poverty defies race and religion, and I couldn’t agree more on this, which I believe this is the main reason we are there today.

We complete the distribution in about 45 minutes and proceed for group photos and lunch. TQVM SMK Bahau2 for the great hospitality and also teachers to came today to ensure the event is smooth. Also not forgetting the sponsors and all volunteers who have joined us today! :)

The crowd
The speech by the HM SMK Bahau 2
I think all volunteers to take turn to give speech...starting with me.. hahaha

Handing over IKEA bags to recipients

Done and ready for photo session

Sugar assembly line
Egg assembly line

Additional item - tooth brush

Egg assembly dept... well, if its egg manufacturing dept, its gonna be havoc!

We are not as serious as we sound :)

Getting ready for photo ops

Group photo... TQVM SMK Bahau 2 for having us! :) 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grocery for the Needies @Bukit Lancong, Seksyen 27 Shah Alam

2016/14 - For Sept 2016, our Grocery For Needy Program brings the necessary grocery to 30 families in Bukit Lancong Shah Alam. Our usual contact, Dr Azma & Roshidah contact the village head to identify the families for the program. Just like every village, there are bound to have poor families and needies. Our program also bring us to the part of the town that we never been before. 

Many thanks to sponsors and volunteers who have help to purchased the groceries and providing all the support.

If you think you want to help the village, please contact me and I will link you up with the necessary contact. 

The team on arrival at the small kampung

Setting up the assembly line