Saturday, September 11, 2010

Year End Christmas Party

Dear Fellow Donors,

Thank you very much for your donation throughout the months. Its a miracle for us, as when we initially started this in Jan 2010, we only have 4 donors! Its surprisingly that the number of donors has grown and with the higher amount we collected, we are able to contribute to more than 1 home per month, which was our originally our mission statement. Thank you all again!

As we are closing to year end, we are thinking to have a Christmas party in one of the homes (have not decided yet) as part of a celebration. With current economy climate, to avoid making a dent in your wallet, we are thinking of using credit cards points to convert to voucher. However, if you think you would like to contribute cash, it would be welcome too. We will also use partial contribution for December to buy presents and daily groceries.

Since we will be having a party celebration, we are looking into buying McD's McValue Meal for the kids, hence we strongly prefer this McD vouchers. Petronas cash voucher are welcome too, as it is part of their daily needs (petrol for transporting students to schools).

The following are the points required to be converted for the items we required from HSBC and Maybank.

HSBC Points
  1. McDonald's RMR50 Voucher - 12,000
  2. Tesco RM50 Voucher - 13,000
  3. KFC RM50 Voucher - 13,000
  4. MPH Bookstores RM50 Voucher - 11,000
  5. BATA RM50 - 12,000
  1. MPH - RM50 Voucher - 11,000
  2. Mc Donald's RM10 Voucher - 2,000 (better deal here!)
  3. Jusco - RM100 Voucher (RM20 x 5 pcs)- 21,000
  4. KFC, Pizza Hut, Ayamas Rasa Mas RM30 Voucher - 6,000
Please inform us on what type of vouchers you are donating, so that it can help us in our planning. If we receive a lot of vouchers, we might want to spend it on a 2nd home. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we would like to involved as many people as possible. So start putting on your thinking cap and tell us what you have in mind and put your ideas in the comment field or you want to write to us direct. The clock start ticking NOW!!! :)