Monday, March 24, 2014

Kid's Movie Day - March 2014

While this is our second Movie Day event, we are hoping to make it a yearly "tradition". And for this year, the sponsorships are great! :) The home that was selected is Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Lagenda. We visited the home a month earlier to passed some groceries, informed the caretaker that we are bringing in the children. If you would like to help the home, the address is No. 28 Lorong Mohd Tahir 6C, Sungai Jati, 41000 Klang, Selangor.

Groceries donated by David, Ian and Suresh

Getting everyone to come out

Everyone want to peak whats inside the goody bag
Queuing up to give them lanyard and the goody bag, which consist of biscuit, stationary set and a water bottle
Estrina - the youngest child

Someone donated groceries while we were there
Group photo before heading to the cinema...

25 children and havoc!!! Actually not so bad la...

Getting the pop corn and drinks for the children

Helping everyone to get into their seats

Finally in the cinema... kids spend a lot of time going to toilet, to defrost with the dryer as the air cond was too cold!!!

What else but McD after the movie!

Thanks to Invisible Angel, we have 40 pax of Happy Meals!

The twins..
Additional ice cream sundae

Brothers in arm - carrying him as he cant walk

Saying farewell before leaving...

The team would like to express our appreciation to the Invisible Angels for sponsoring the McD meal and ice cream, fellow sponsors and volunteers who have help to make this event happen. Its great to see a lot of like minded people around the children, showing the love and care that the children needs. You can see it from their faces and non-stop chattering and I am sure that they are very happy, for they have not been to a movie for a long time. For something simple like a movie and a McDonald meal for us/our children, it is a luxury for them. Also big thanks to all the anonymous volunteers who have been working tireless behind the scene to get the sponsorship for the children.  Special thanks to volunteers for coming and sacrifice their Sunday for the less fortunate children. Without your continued support, we would never be able to put on events like these, so BIG THANK YOU GUYS and GALS!

For more photos, check it out here. Coincidentally, last year event was also held on the same date! :) And someone wore the shirt for the event last year as well.. :P See you in our next event! :)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Groceries for the Needies at PPR Hicom (Seksyen 26, Shah Alam) - Feb 2014

Thanks to a sponsor who have donated 150 packs of 5kg rice, we were given a task to ensure the rice are delivered to the needy family. The team was able to quickly identify the location, and thanks to Dr Azma and Roshida, PPR Hicom was identified as recipient for the month.

As usual, the PPR Committee were informed of the project date and time and were tasked to identified the recipients. The total number of recipients was 80 and the composition of tenants here are Malays and Indian. A total of 40 Malay and 40 Indian families were selected by the Surau Committee. Funds were raised in a nick of time for the purchasing of other grocery item which I am always grateful that there are never short of donors!

Easily identified as its just located along KESAS highway

Tents awaiting us upon our arrival

Arranging the base for unloading

Recipients arriving

The usual groceries..eggs and rice...

Baju Muslimah sponsored by Pn Sariah

All stack up and ready to be given away

Taking back to home...

Giving out the groceries after the speech....

The 2 person in charge sorting out the recipients

Sorting out the names... some recipients didnt bother to come, hence we decided that we will give to new recipients

Team from both side

For this project, something out of the norm happened compared to other projects. During the ordering of the groceries, I have blindly assumed that the store would be able to provide 80 packs of groceries required. However, either due to "no stock" or pure laziness, I was told they wont be able to provide anything at all! Hence, I have to run to 3 stores (25/25/30 packs) and get from each of the franchise mart. Yeap, nearly got heart attack... so, lesson learned is that it is best to split amoung few marts as 80 packs of groceries is just "too much work" to be pack!

And its kinda bad timing, there were shortage of cooking oil. So, it was an "Amazing Race for Cooking Oil" race. Thanks for Jenny & Melvin, we managed to solve this by buying at other smaller grocery shop.

During the handover of the groceries on that day, there was a minor dispute as the Committee has 2 person in charge (1 Malay and 1 Indian). While we have no issue on who takes the lead, it becomes a problem when some recipients are not present and others wanted to take on behalf for them. Hence, we decided that since the Committee has given sufficient time for this event, the least the recipient can do is to come and receive it. We decided that there will be no on-behalf, and whatever leftover on that day, was given to new recipients. For future project, the team also agreed that we will ensure each recipients will received a coupon/ticket to take the grocery during that hand over date.

Again, thank you to all sponsors who have donated money, time and effort, which has allow us to provide help to the needies!

More photos here...

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pusat Kebajikan Sai Baba, Klang (CNY Visit)

We visited the home a week earlier to identify what are the food required in the home. Basically, like all homes, there are just too much of rice and mee hoon donated. So, for this trip, I buy the stuffs that they require such as potatoes, onions, eggs, Milo and lots of vegetables. There are currently 19 tenants in the home, with only 4 paying tenants. The caretaker son's does all the odd jobs  to ensure the home is able to cover the expenses. If you can help, please call the number below :-

Most of the tenants are homeless people and begging on the street before they were brought in.  Under the care of the home, there are 10 children staying there, but in earlier visit, Welfare Department emphasized that the children and old folks are not allowed to stay in the same premises to avoid the children getting sick due to low immune system. Hence, the children are staying in the owners' home. The last time we came, they were having outstanding bill issues, which had since been resolved.

All the mattress stacked for the tenants. Sleeping on the floor as not enough rooms.

Normally dinner is cook at outdoor kitchen

Groceries purchased for the home
As I only have 10 angpows for 19 tenants, I gave it all to the caretaker as a donation for the home expenses. Thank you to donors and sponsors for sponsoring for the ang pow and grocery.