Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pusat Kebajikan Sai Baba, Klang (CNY Visit)

We visited the home a week earlier to identify what are the food required in the home. Basically, like all homes, there are just too much of rice and mee hoon donated. So, for this trip, I buy the stuffs that they require such as potatoes, onions, eggs, Milo and lots of vegetables. There are currently 19 tenants in the home, with only 4 paying tenants. The caretaker son's does all the odd jobs  to ensure the home is able to cover the expenses. If you can help, please call the number below :-

Most of the tenants are homeless people and begging on the street before they were brought in.  Under the care of the home, there are 10 children staying there, but in earlier visit, Welfare Department emphasized that the children and old folks are not allowed to stay in the same premises to avoid the children getting sick due to low immune system. Hence, the children are staying in the owners' home. The last time we came, they were having outstanding bill issues, which had since been resolved.

All the mattress stacked for the tenants. Sleeping on the floor as not enough rooms.

Normally dinner is cook at outdoor kitchen

Groceries purchased for the home
As I only have 10 angpows for 19 tenants, I gave it all to the caretaker as a donation for the home expenses. Thank you to donors and sponsors for sponsoring for the ang pow and grocery.

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