Monday, November 25, 2013

Groceries for the Needies at PPR Kg Muhibbah Puchong - Oct 2013

For Oct 2013, we sponsored 60 needy families in the PPR Kg Muhibbah, Puchong. Thanks to Dr Azma and Roshidah's contact, we managed to contact the PPR Committee to help us in identifying the necessary families. The grocery pack include rice, cooking oil, maggie, sugar, flour, bi hun, bread, 1 tray of eggs and 1 pack of Oligo. I would like to thank all the volunteers on site that day and sponsors who have contributed to this event, as without the sponsorship, this event would not have been successful!

The hall

ROV with the deliveries.. 60 packs of rice with 60 trays of eggs.. All with backache pain, please raise your hand!

Many helping hands

No place to park... so, a lot of squeezing skills required

60 packs of rice.. lots of man power needed!

Recipients waiting before the ceremony
Lots of groceries pack transfered from cars to the hall
No one is spared!
60 packs all together!

Will work for bags of rice!
Its not easy carrying all this.. dont believe? Join us next round!
Paparazzi at work...

Recipients getting ready before the event

Full house
Meanwhile, in the next room, to keep the children busy, we also have drawing competition for them. Thank you to Carol and Amy who have prepare the gifts for the winners of the competition. We had 3 main prizes and 10 consolation prizes for the children.

Opening speech by 1M1c Official spokeperson..!

Recipients listening to the opening speech
Its a long way up...

Did I just see "1M1c"? :)
Supervising the kids

All excited with the contest... but only 13 winners! Sorry kids.. :(

Distributing the groceries...

Paparazzi in training...

Preparing the gifts for the drawing competition

Iron Man! Was requested to help some old folks as their home was far and up away. They even want to reward our volunteers, but we politely rejected it. We are deeply touch as much as the old folks.

Motivating the children.

Announcing the winner of the drawing contest

Prize giving for drawing contest

The forever motivated Dr Azma.. makes me feel young again.. ;)

Volunteers and PPR AJK group photo

I would like to thank all donors for the quick response for the fund raising and grateful for making this another successful project. I am truly grateful as all this could not have been done by my alone, but so much help and sponsors working in the background to keep this moving. My sincere thanks to Dr Azma, Roshidah, Abbie, Bread Anonymous, Babey-mel Yoon, Cheong Wai Kit, Sally Saw, Alex Hang, Nor Aini, WinDywei Teh and Section 9 Geng Surau for sponsorship. Also not forgetting goodies bag specialist, Carol and Amy, Mr See from Ali Cafe for sponsirng 60 packs of Oligo. Thank you again and see you next month.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Groceries For the Needies - October 2013

Another month of groceries sponsored by donors for 10 families. In view of Deepavali this month, additional cash aid was given. For this month, we have something extra - Cappuccino Almond Fruit Cake from Tupperware Malaysia. Thank you Tupperware Msia!

We delivered the groceries to the families on the 26th Oct 2013 with volunteers Steel, Mel Jr, Mel Sr, Jenny, Caren Ng and kids. It was a quick delivery today as the recipients are all location in Taman Sentosa. ;)

Thanks to the ROV for taking the load!

First family

The loading team....

Second home

Asking how many small children to give for the tit bits.

Third home

Kids leading the way with giving the tit bits.... after confirming no dogs in the house!

Fourth home

Our standard monthly groceries

Fifth home - Giving out the candies to the children

Sixth home

Seventh home - recently move to next 2 doors away

TQ Tuppeware Msia.

Home number eight - was not around, left it with their trusted neighbour

Volunteers working their butt off!

House number nine

House number ten
Thank you to all sponsors for sponsoring this event and Tupperware Malaysia for the yummy cakes! :)