Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kids' Movie Day @MBO Cinema - Mar 2015

This is our 3rd annual event for Kids' Movie Day. The only difference this time is that we are bringing 2 homes, and a few children from Grocery for Needy program as well. The two lucky homes, Anbe Sivam and Rumah Saffiyah were more than happy to join us and we are glad they did! As there were no nice movies around, the best available was Cinderella. We also take them Pizza Hut for dinner after the movies. Thank you to sponsors and volunteers for making a difference!

Assembling at car park before heading to cinema

Its a lot of tickets!

Lining  up..waiting for the tags

Waiting... and waiting..

Checking their own tags

Yeah...with their names!

Pop corns and drinks as well..

Collected and cant wait to go into the cinema.. well behaved kids I must say, makes me want to shout "Platoon sedia!!!"

Getting ready to go in

Group photos

Dinner is served

Waiting for the rest and prayers before eating

Enjoying the food
Group photo ... happy bunch at both ends! :)
I am grateful to sponsors for making the event successful one, as its small things that we take for granted that means a lot to others. Thank you for sponsoring the event for the 3rd time and we hope we can make this a continuous event in the future.

For more photos, click here.