Sunday, May 27, 2012

Project Kampung Orang Asli Angkat - Sponsorship to UKM student Club

Project Kampung Orang Asli Angkat
Date: 13 May 2012
Time: 8:30am
Location: Kampung Orang Asli Gombak.

Organiser: UKM Student Group - Joseph Chan

The event started via a request via 1M1C Facebook page by Joseph as below:

Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a group of passionate students of i-Club UKM, a student organization that regularly carry out leadership enhancing activities as well as community services. Our current project is based on helping ... an Orang Asal Community. i-Club UKM will be working with En. Raman, the head of Orang Asal, who is keen to improve eco-tourism activities for the Orang Asal Village by building small huts using bamboos and woods. We also plan to carry out several awareness activities on the importance of hygiene and education especially to the young kids in the village. Furthermore, we plan to provide the villagers with basic necessities for each home respectively. Therefore, on behalf of this village, we are currently seeking funds to purchase daily necessities for each of the family living there. Projek Kampung Angkat is scheduled to be carried out on May 13th, 2012.

Orang Asal Gombak village consists of more than 20 families with an average of 3 kids per family. This village is led by En. Raman, who tries very hard to ensure that this community gets all the necessary items as well as provide them with opportunities to sustain themselves by producing handicrafts. There is a land belonging to a single mother in which En. Raman wanted to help, by converting her piece of land into an eco-tourism spot. This would allows the single mother to use the income generated from it to subsidize her children’s school as well as living cost. En. Raman had also requested us to provide him with manpower to aid him in building up the eco-tourism spot.

Our objectives are to build bamboo huts to increase eco-tourism activities to help the single mother to get extra income to subsidize her children’s school and living cost; to provide each families with
daily necessities especially food and drinks; to educate the children of this village on the importance of hygiene and education by teaching them the correct methods via applications.

Our target is to be able to fundraise up to RM2000 in order to purchase daily necessities such as Milo, biscuits, rice, toothbrushes and toothpastes for all the families in the village. Besides that, we would want to provide En. Raman with sufficient manpower to construct bamboo huts for generation of extra income for the single mother.

The proceeds will entirely be used to fund the villagers. Your kind contribution and support is deeply appreciated and it’s a noble step in our effort of changing the life and future of the children and the
adults of this village.
Thank you.

For more inquiries please contact,

Joseph Chan Mun Hoong

Yuvarani Nair Sukumaran

We decided to meet up and discuss some of the issues and our concerns over the place. Upon discussion, we were ready to go on the 13th May 2012. However, due to work commitments, I was unable to go and only Tony from our team represent 1M1C.

For this project, we donated RM1,000 for purchasing basic items for the selected 10 families in the village, with additional cooking oil costing RM133.50. Total expenses for this project is RM 1,133.50.

The following is the blog entry from Joseph for the activity.

In conjunction with Mother’s Day, students of i-Club UKM carried out a programme called “Projek Kampung Angkat 2012”. We visited the Orang Asli settlement located at Gombak on the 13th of May 2012. The objectives of this programme are simple, reaching out to those who are in need ; giving out necessities to needy families , educating children of the village on the importance of dental hygiene and education as well as to provide man-power in the effort of converting a piece of land into an eco-tourism spot. The program is participated mainly by students from UKM as well as volunteers from Reach out Malaysia, 1Month1Charity and Born 2 Serve.

Donated Items

Team with some of the recipients
The village consists of more than 20 families led by En.Raman; the head of the village who works very hard in ensuring that this community is able to get all their necessities. Other than that, he also provides opportunities for them to sustain themselves by producing and selling handicrafts. One of the activities in this program involves helping a single mother to convert her piece of land into an eco-tourism spot in the hope that this eco-tourism spot would be able to generate sufficient income  to support her family especially her children’s education. This is one of the many efforts that En. Raman does for his community.

In the morning, the volunteers gathered in front of the Orang Asli settlement. En.Raman has been anticipating our arrival, giving us a warm welcome as we arrived. The goods to be distributed are then unloaded at the open area right in front of the settlement arranged in total of 10 sets. It’s great to see volunteers from different backgrounds working together in unloading and arranging the goods from the bus located quite a distance from the open area. En Raman then gathered 10 single mothers and we proceeded with the giving right after. Each of the single mother is given a set of donation items which includes rice, cooking oils, milk powder, bread, eggs and other necessities. The donation items are contributed by a group of charitable friends from 1Month1Charity.

Entering the tunnel..

Masuk hutan!

After handing over the donation items, the volunteers were then divided into groups of 2; one being with the kids and the other would be trekking into the forest to the eco-tourism spot. 

The activities with the kids took place in the community hall. Kids are kids; they were of course playful and active, the volunteers had a hard time at first calming them down to get things started. Nevertheless the kids behaved well and enjoyed the games and activities throughout the program. It was also encouraging to see how the kids were delighted in our presence; they even taught us the Malay version of “Twinkle-twinkle little star”! At the very end of the program, a special slot of creating Mother’s Day cards for their mothers were carried out. Besides entertaining the kids, volunteers also had the privilege of sharing Mother’s Day with all the mothers in the village through this approach. Although a little tiring, the volunteers had a great time with them as well; going back with smiles all over their faces, filled with satisfaction.

En Raman

On the other side, the second group was trekking through the jungle to the eco-tourism spot. The path leading to the spot wasn’t easy; the volunteers were required to walk through water streams, getting their shoes wet and even some bitten by leeches. After reaching the spot ; the group then went further into the forest looking for Nipah leaves which will be used as roofs for the Bamboo huts. Upon transporting all the required Nipah leaves back, volunteers were served with delicious fried rice for lunch as an energy booster. Hasnah binti Taka, the single mother  we were contributing to, made all of us “Nasi Bukit” made of “Padi Bukit”, specially planted by the villagers themselves. It sure tasted very jungle-like. In the late afternoon, the volunteers were then taught by En.Raman and also guided by Hasnah on the porper manner of weaving the Nipah leaves which is to be made into roofs for Bamboo huts. Hours were then spent by the volunteers weaving the leaves. The volunteers had a great time together ; weaving the leaves while interacting with one another, getting to know each and everyone of them. 

As the weaving came to an end, volunteers were very much proud and satisfied with the outcome of their efforts, and so was En. Raman. Even though the overall process was energy draining, the volunteers had all enjoyed the hands-on experience in building the roofs of a Bamboo hut. With the new knowledge gained; new experiences shared; and new friends made, we trekked back to the community hall for the final gathering before departure.

En. Raman sat side by side with us volunteers, explaining all that were related to the jungle. He shared his experience leading the village; the hardships he and the villagers faced; the major activities in sustaining their living; as well as some valuable knowledge on survival skills in the jungle. En. Raman also demonstrated some tricks of making fire using branches and twigs; and showed us his collection of self-made hunting tools. Accompanied with the sounds of the jungle, volunteers were then given the benefits of witnessing a live performance by En. Raman using their tribal musical instrument, flute made out of a special type of Bamboo. The specialty of this performance was that the flute was blown not using his mouth, but his nose. The volunteers were amazed by his capability.

One for the team!

Not everyday offers us a chance to save somebody’s life. But everyday offers us the opportunity to affect one. Judging by the commitment of all volunteers, the willingness to sacrifice a Sunday just to make a difference in these villagers’ lives, May 13th, 2012, was definitely one of those days where our given opportunity was well utilized.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pusat Warga Emas, Klang - Donation of beds

In response to the blog entry in Jewel in the Lotus, I contacted Wendy and inform that I will get this done. I dropped by the home and asked if they need anything else and was told that they need 5 new pillows. Due to tight schedule, I only manage to go to the furniture shop and get a good deal for the 3 beds and 5 yesterday. I proceed to the home while waiting for the deliver guys to deliver. When I reach there, I have a quick chat with the caretaker. I noticed that there were a few new faces. Guess I have not gone there for a while.

The delivery guys managed to find the location home, quickly and swiftly they setup the beds. It was a quick and easy assembly, which takes about 20 minutes for the whole 3 beds. While assembling the beds, the Ong family arrived with kuih-muih for the elderly. It is small thoughts like this that make a big difference in their daily life. The elderly dont really need fancy stuff, just basic simple things such as a chat or a conversation. Sometimes, we tend to forget they are not just tenants in the old folks home, but humans too, whom need attention and caring. If you ever drop by to any old folks home, remember to bring minyak angin or Tiger Balm. Why? "Fong Sup" la..and based on Wendy and Ong, its a demanding product!

Kuih-muih and red bean pau
No problem finding the location of the house.. start unloading immediately...

5 new pillows...

The new beds

Assembling the beds

Chong helping out...

Caretaker's grandson helping out...

The old man with his new bed, and he cant wait to sleep on it!

Wendy chit chatting with the ladies
For this visit, we spent a lot of time with the caretaker. She taught us a few tricks using plants as traditional medicine and should you need it, I suggest you pay her a visit! :) She also explained to us about the conditions of the tenants, where a new physically able patient just recently moved in due to mental condition. I had a few chat with Chong and I didnt see anything abnormal about it. He spent his time helping the old folks when his help needed or getting instruction from the caretaker. What I understand was he does not stay at the home, but just come for meals. So I guess I will be seeing him around when he goes to his normal wondering. Things may not look normal for him from our perspective, but for him, his life has no worries...

Setting up the new bed
Another new patient, whom I have not him in few of the visits earlier, was a bed-ridden guy. He was sitting up on his bed, with his wheel chair beside him. I was told he woke up early in the morning, does his prayers and listen Buddhist chanting CDs, and being considerate, he puts on his headphone to avoid disturbing the rest of them. What I understand from Ong was he believed that his condition now is because of his previous life's karma. I am not sure if I agree or disagree with his statement, but looking at him, bed-ridden and having calm thoughts, tells you about his state of mind - peaceful. While we start chatting with him, he mentioned that one of the old man had passed away few days before. The old mna had just recently had operation on his knee, and was due to infection, caused a lot pain and instead of screaming or crying, he 'cured' it by singing! The funny thing was, when Wendy ask other tenants where is this old man, they said he has 'gone home' ~ by nature's definition. As with the same as many other similar cases, there is no next-of-kin to reclaim his body. They contacted the funeral parlour to handle the police report and cremation. May he rest in peace.

It caught Ong and Wendy by surprised as they just visited the home on Wesak day. It makes me feel how fragile life is as we wont know what is coming "next", and when it comes, are you ready? We are after all, traveler in this short time frame on earth.... It was told that the he 'came back' on the 7th day of his passing in a thunderstorm night, tapping on the guy who was sleeping in his bed.

Most of them were sitting there, waiting for time to pass when we arrive. 

The mattress is really worn off, and the care taker never mention a word when I asked if she need anything else...

This room caters for 5 person and its very hot with the only ventilation fan working. Imagine you go through this daily at this kind of Malaysia weather! The left bed is one of the new beds.

The wooden wall is crack and doesnt look like it will stand the test of time anymore. Luckily got some company who will be rebuilding the whole section again. Kudos!!!

Ong having a chat with the tenants of the home....

Yes, she does read Chinese paper.. ;) Wanted minyak kapak because of fong sup...
Total spent for this visit is RM350 (beds - @RM80x3, pillows - @RM22x5). Receipt will be posted later on.

One thing that I noticed was, the care taker never seems to demand things, even though when I look around the house, there a few beds and mattress needs to be replaced. As we say our good byes, we know that we will be back in the future to see how we can help further. It was an eye opening visit for myself as we spent more almost 2 hours there.

Lastly, I wish to thank our donors, who has entrusted us and gracefully contributed to the fund all this while so that we can do activities like this. Thank you again!

Rumah Sejahtera Batu Pahat

Rumah Sejahtera Batu Pahat

Batu 4 (KM7), Jalan Kluang, 83000 Batub Pahat
Type - old folks home
Total 9 person 6 male 3 female

Dear Belated Lai Chin Lun (founder of 1M1C)

"Lai, 1M1C venturing to outstation again.. this is 2nd times we continue and expands your idea of helping the people in need from wherever they are......"

The location map of the Home.

Look for BP Mall (Left), further down there is a huge factory name SKP (Sin Kuang Plastic), further down opposite roadside is the home. You need to make a U turn 500m after SKP, the landmark is MOBIL Petrol Kiosk to slow down, just 200m after MOBIL will be the home.

Care Taker

Mr Choo can be contacted via numbers below. Please call before any visitation. The home has lot of rice in the house currently. 6-8 wheel chairs, 15 new beds with matress are just sponsor by some people recently. Hence, it is good to call the caretaker to find out the items in need before we purchase and send.

The outlook

We did not took many photos fro the home. Generally, the home is spacious and clean. The home can cater 30 pax of tenant at anytime. The have a centralised kitchen where there is helper to cook. Most of the tenants able to take care of themselve, can eat, can walk, can clean themselve with minimum asssistance. The home do have karaoke facility to cater for their entertainment need.

Past event
The local people do take care and often visit this home. From time to time, lot of people donate food, adult diapers etc.

Our Delivery

After consulted Mr Choo, we purchased Dettol, shower towers and some basic medicine for flu, fever such as panadol, vicks, minyak angin.

The bill
Medicine from Guardian RM 61.40

Tower from Pacific RM 210.00

Total RM 271.40.