Friday, February 22, 2013

Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang

Its has been awhile since I last came over to the home for a visit, so I decided to drop by on a Sunday (27th Jan 2013) to see what is needed. I reach there about 12pm and have a quick chit chat with the care takeer to understand what do they need. I went to purchased some needed groceries and drop by later.

Care taker doing physio on the children

Funds has been collected and pending town council for approval for new building

Managed to count one to forty without the caretaker's help.

Main entrance

Dancing the Oppa Gangnam style...


And they were ready to rock when the music was played!

There are about 7 workers from India taking care of all the smaller children, while the elders were mostly on their own wandering around the home or watching TV.  Some of the children quickly came to me and shake hand with me. They also love to take photos too. Simple things but it means a lot to them. The children there are friendly and would love your interactions and attention, hence if you are making a visit there, its best to spend time with the children.You can get more information from this site. The home also received 2 pack of rice donated from Reach Out. Total spent is RM301.

If you are interested to visit the home, address is - No.4, Lorong Bunga Raya, Kampong Raja Uda, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor. (Dont use Google Map as its wrongly tagged. Search for Fire Dept along the main road to Port Klang). Tel: 03-3165 4312, 3165 4475

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feeding the Poor - Jan 2013

I was introduced to Tony, a fellow NGO who does feeding for the poor for the last 7 years. After initial discussion, we agreed to sponsor 5 families for 3 months as a start. Fund raising was done via Facebook, and was quickly done within 1 month. Thanks to all the donors who responded quickly we collected twice the amount targetted!  With the final donation collected of RM3200, we are able to sponsor 10 families per month for 3 months. So, on behalf of the recipients, I would like to thank to all sponsors for contributing to the fund for this activity.

We purchased the groceries for 10 families a day earlier, as the things need to be pack to ease the distribution the next day. On the rainy Saturday, I was joined by Jen C and kids, which provide much needed help in the hard labour.

We covered  areas around Teluk Pulai, Kampung Delek and Kampung Jawa. The locations of the home a bit distributed, hence took some time to complete the whole 10 families.

Biscuits and choco powder

All items packed and ready to be distributed.. Volunteers needed for the next round!

The first family we covered is a Cambodian Muslim family. The elder daughter, married with a kid was left by the husband. Tony had been sponsoring the home for 7 years when the the daughter was  much younger.

The home is located "somewhere" in Kg Delek...

Unloading the stuffs

Second home which is an Indian home. Another long term "customer" Tony had been providing. Currently baby sitting neighbours' kids for income.

70 years old aunty hugging Tony to show her appreciation for the contribution.

Aunty thanking Jen for contribution
The total of 10 recipients were Indians and Malay families, with different family background and hardship. If you want to see the other side of life, come and join us in our February Feeding. Again, thank you to our donors who have responded and contributed to the fund  - Wong WW, Yong WK & friends, Jen C, Uni Electronic Sdn. Bhd and Han Qin Cai for making this event a succesful one.

Total bill of RM988.80