Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah

Type : Under privilege
Address: 2 Jalan SS24/10, Tmn Megah, 47301 PJ
Caretaker :- Mr Tham
Contact :- 012-306 1717

This center has around 90 babies, under aged kids and adults. Some of the kids are bit aggressive and not shy to greet us, and some are adults are friendly.

 For this trip, we have new guest who joined us, Ms Sanddie and her 2 kids. We were late they waiting for us with 3 shopping carts (more Gung-ho than us!). After distributing the shopping list, we took almost 1 hour to complete the purchase.

 We arrived around 230pm and unloaded the groceries. The kids looks happy to see us and some of them came to shake hand with us with a cheerful face. Overall, the center is well maintained and managed. This house has 3 centers, one of it is a learning center with a computer lab and library in it.

As we entered the hall and saw about 10 babies whom are handicapped. We felt so sad looking at them, but to know they are being well taken care of by the home, it provide some consolation. The caretakers need to pay a lot of attention when doing physiotherapy to the babies.

Volunteers providing physiotherapy to the babies


Our deliveries.
Special thanks to Sanddie and family that also brought some goodies bags to the kids.

Thanks to ChewMan and families who managed to source the 7 cabinets and delivered all the way from Balakong to the home. Special thanks to ChewMan's father for providing the transport to facilitate the movement.

Donated Cupboards.

Total amount spent RM 783.50 for this home. 

With additional donors and additional cash, which we will purchase 10 cartons of biscuits to Help Education Learning Center (Myanmar Refugee Center) at Kepong Prima and to be deliver by 1/4/2011.  

List of Mar donors Mar Accounts:

P/S : Some additional photos not posted yet

Kids clothes donated by Brenda