Sunday, April 27, 2014

Groceries for the Needies at Kg Batu Laut, Tanjung Sepat - April 2014

What a day! Had a fulfilling day with Tanjong Sepat folks and also a big team of volunteers. After weeks of planning and planning, we finally delivered what we need to do. Many thanks to volunteers from KL who joined us the first time..who automatically appointed to take charge of the Rice Dept, Grocery Bag Dept and Egg Dept! Thanks to Klang team who had also come in full force.
We had a convoy of 14 cars meeting up in Morib Beach and managed to arrive at our destination without any issue...even though lead car drove 'a bit' to fast (was within speed limit...). Upon meeting up at Morib Beach, I gave everyone a super duper quick briefing before we proceed to destination. Meanwhile, at the hall, the part of the groceries were being unloaded.

Upon arrival of the destination, everyone help in unloading the groceries from the car to the hall. Due to the hall arrangement, we had some minor hiccups initially but soon things start to take its natural course and it was breeze after that.I am truly grateful today for the help given to the group as tonight, 80 families will not need to worry about food for the month.

Drawing attention with the amount of rice we buy everytime! Maybe we should wear a T-shirt which says - "The End of the World is coming, Be Prepared?" ha ha.. Hmm.. or "Grandpa has a lot of wives..."

Egg sorting machine...

Just Eggs! ;)

Loading the groceries bag..

There is even a rhythm to unload rice.. ;)

All unloaded and ready for distribution

Group photos.. before all groceries are given away...

Helping our recipients

Helping to deliver the groceries.. time to have a motorcycle delivery team?

Poultry farm sells in bulk, dont do individual packing like supermarket.. so, self service

Bicycle pun boleh angkat..!! :)

I believed everyone had a good time - volunteers and recipients alike. Thanks to our volunteers Muka & brothers who fetch the grandma and her grandchild to buy school uniform as we were not sure of his size. Luckily we didnt pre-purchased, as the grandson was taller than the usual Form 2 student. Also thanks to Joanne who drove our recipients home and loaded them with additional diapers. Additional diapers were given to the needy families due the condition of the recipients.

My appreciation to Gladys Wong who managed to bring the donors together for a good cause. And not forgetting all the donors who have responded quickly upon the moment the event was created in Facebook. Thank you again! Many thanks to all Dr Azma/Shida who had filled up their car with 80 packs of groceries. it was so full till it reached the roof top. Hence, I will be doing donation drive for Exora or Navara soon....hehehe... Again, many thanks to all sponsors and volunteers who have make this event successful one!

For more photos, click here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - March 2014

Our usual monthly groceries to the needies with Tony. We have a light team this month with Tony, Melvin and myself. With insufficient volunteers, taking photo become a bit tough (sorry, I cant do multi-tasking!!!), pardon me for the photos quality. Anyway, had a quick delivery for this round and finish very early! :)

Loaded and ready to go!

The first family

Second family - mechanic that had stroke

3rd family - Security guard mom
4th family - single mom

5th family - DJ that involved in accident with skull removed. He had since had an operation after more than 6 months and partial of his skull put back.
6th family - Husband the lorry driver, wife is a housewife

7th family

8th family

9th family

10th family

For this round, we complete the distribution within 90 minutes and time for lunch too! Thanks to all contributors for making this a event a fruitful one. God bless.