Sunday, April 13, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - March 2014

Our usual monthly groceries to the needies with Tony. We have a light team this month with Tony, Melvin and myself. With insufficient volunteers, taking photo become a bit tough (sorry, I cant do multi-tasking!!!), pardon me for the photos quality. Anyway, had a quick delivery for this round and finish very early! :)

Loaded and ready to go!

The first family

Second family - mechanic that had stroke

3rd family - Security guard mom
4th family - single mom

5th family - DJ that involved in accident with skull removed. He had since had an operation after more than 6 months and partial of his skull put back.
6th family - Husband the lorry driver, wife is a housewife

7th family

8th family

9th family

10th family

For this round, we complete the distribution within 90 minutes and time for lunch too! Thanks to all contributors for making this a event a fruitful one. God bless.

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