Sunday, October 23, 2016

Grocery for the Needies @Bukit Lancong, Seksyen 27 Shah Alam

2016/14 - For Sept 2016, our Grocery For Needy Program brings the necessary grocery to 30 families in Bukit Lancong Shah Alam. Our usual contact, Dr Azma & Roshidah contact the village head to identify the families for the program. Just like every village, there are bound to have poor families and needies. Our program also bring us to the part of the town that we never been before. 

Many thanks to sponsors and volunteers who have help to purchased the groceries and providing all the support.

If you think you want to help the village, please contact me and I will link you up with the necessary contact. 

The team on arrival at the small kampung

Setting up the assembly line

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