Sunday, October 26, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - Sept 2014

Apologizes for the late entry update. For Sept 2014, groceries were sponsors from the team from GOC. As usual, we follow Tony on his monthly rounds to the needy homes located in Taman Sentosa.

First family - Single mother with 3 kids. Husband died of heart attack. She has weakness on her legs and current under medication. She is also a registered OKU but help from govt is insufficient.

2nd family - only the daughter is around as the parents are working. We gave the groceries to the children. According to uncle Tony they rent the house RM400 / month and parents salary can't covered their expenses. 

3rd family - parents was not around as they were working. They have 6 children in the family.

4th family - daughter & old mother. Daughter 45 yrs old and has 2nd stage breast cancer. The house tend to get flooded during flood season, hence the raised wall.

5th family - the family need to take care of their 18 years old OKU son. Parents with 4 children.

6th family - single mother with 3 kids.

7th family - Single mother with 6 children. Her husband died a long time ago when their twin daughters were 3 months old.

8th family - The family (single mother) need to take care of their bedridden son (accident) for 8 years. He just recently had his operation on his head to put back the skull. Operation was delayed for a long time due to his head conditions and bureaucratic red tapes.

9th family - Chindian family with lovely kids. Only 3 kids stay with them, another 2 kids send to church home. Husband working as a lorry driver earning less than RM1500.

10th family - Single mother with 4 sons. Husband drug addicted, passed away in jail. She's half blind  unable to work due to her conditions. She moved from another home to this location due to cheaper rental. Current room rental is RM200.

Special thanks to GOC members who have fully sponsored the event and Ms Ong who updated all the family profiles. 

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