Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tara Bhavan (again)

On our last visit to Tara Bhavan, 1 of the guardian told me, they really need to washing machine. I just say I try to spread the words.

On 22/Apr/2010, I posted this on my FB - Who wish to donate a workable washing machine to charity, please contact me. I will arrange for the pickup.

Somewhere in May, my friend contacted me. Her deceased grandpa have a quite new washing machine. Since it is for charity, her dad give us a really irresistible offer - $200. A brand new will cost $799. Too bad the washing machine is at her uncle house, and he hardly at home and not contactable. And my friend insisted to test it to make sure it is workable before sending to the home.

On 8/May/2010, at night time Mr Cheong (my friend's dad), he goto his brother (my friend's uncle) house again. Waited long time for him to show up.

At 11:30pm - I still didn't hear anything from my friend, I already inform everyone to change plan to Klang old folk.
At 12:00am - Miracle happened! My friend contacted me. Say that the washing machine is fully workable and can collect by next day.

Early next morning, I called Tara Bhavan to arrange for transport and inform my donor about the change in plan. Today (9/May/2010) Tara Bhavan have an event to celebrate mother's day. They are free after 1.30pm onward. Due to the last minutes notice, many of my donor cannot make it this time as they need to celebrate Mother's day too.

I would like to apologize to all my donor about all the changes in the plan, as I try to maximize all your donation to do more charities and fix a date where most of the donor can participate.

This month we have overwhelming response from public, where we have more than 25 donors. We will plan for 2 more charity on 16/May and 23/May.

Below is the expenses for Tara Bhavan

Washing Machine$200
Petrol money for van driver$40

After installed the washing machine, I say good bye to the guardian. She put her palm together like the picture below and greet me back with a bow. Gosh! I m just a small chip, she don't need to give me such a high praise. I told her the washing machine is coming from my donors not only me alone. That why I want all donors to go and experience it.

The Washing Machine


theflyingOx said...

I think she was praying, "Thank God this never ending talker is gone!".. lol...

Anonymous said...

TQ for the arrangement and collection.

Wei Kee