Monday, May 24, 2010

Rumah Charis @ OUG

Rumah Charis consist of 2 old folk home (male and female), an kids home, and another old folks home in Penang. This home is located near to OUG.

For more info please visit their website: Rumah Charis

It is our first time to here, none of us know the way. We purely depend on GPS. Luckily the GPS work perfectly this time. We reach at local hypermarket and noticed that the price is not as good as compare to those hypermarket outside. After done with shopping we proceed to the home.

We went to the Old Folks home first as per requested by their guardian. Somehow, GPS brought us to Kids Home.

Charis Kids Home
It is a double story bungalow. We were greeted by a granny and a veteran uncle.

Note: Our small contributions for the Kids Home

After unloading the groceries, granny bring us around the place and show us around.

Note : This is their computer room

I think this should be the recreation room. They have 2 organ there.

They have their own playground, 2 treadmill and a massaging chair. The home is really well maintained.

Since it is Sunday, most of the kids went to church except for non-christian kids. They have tendered the land, and now paying housing loan around $7k per month. The total cost of the banglow is around $1.6Mil.

Charis Old Folks Home
It is just 5 min drive from Kids Home, but this time the GPS gave way...but with the granny's help, we manage to arrive.

Note : Our small contribution
We were greeted by the grannies as it was the female home. When Rumah Charis was established, they started with this old folks home. Those granny were friendly and sociable. They tell us a lot of thing like how it started, how it operate, etc.

A granny even show us around inside the house. There are 2 house connected, front(female) and back(male). This home is a very typical house, not as luxury like what we have seen in the Kids home. They told us, sometimes if the kids is naughty, they will be send to stay with the old folk for weeks. Actually not too bad, coz the old folk like kids.

One thing good about this home is the resident have total freedom to choose for their religion. This home is not funded by any religion. But I heard it was establish by a rich man.

Bad thing about this home is it only have 1 race, Chinese. They have a good management and their stock is good (I can see they have a lot of stocks in their store room)

We enjoyed the moment talking to the granny. Again most of the resident went to church, so those left are non-christian.

Below is our collection breakdown for May 2010.
Total Donor: 27
Donation: $1350
Tara Bhavan: $240
Warga Emas: $600
Rumah Charis: $510

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