Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Persatuan Warga Emas @ Klang

As we did not manage to do our contribution last month due to tight schedule, we did 2 places this round. One was an orphanage and also an old folks home. Both are located in Klang and both are a stone throw away from each other. We meet up at 1pm and proceed to Tesco to buy our groceries. We bought the usual such as rice, washing powder, cooking oil, noodle, dish washer, softener, canned food, soap, dried bee hoon, maggie mee, tooth paste, etc

Note :- Chief Photographer Officer forgot to set his camera date, hence the team was all 1 year younger when we did this...

For this round, we have a budget of RM400, hence initial thought was sufficient for 2 places. But it was really not enough as when we were really calculating every single item due to our limited budget, compared to our previous purchase where we just keep putting the foods into the trolley! I guess for future contribution, the only way is to increase the number of contributor with @RM50 each.

The location is nearby Hin Hwa School, and its is run by an Indian lady, which has about 30 occupants. The home is a corner house, with rental of RM1000 per month. As this is a private initiative by the housekeeper's husband, they had earlier spent their own money for the house renovations and its running with limited resources. Currently, most of the residents are 'routed' from the Klang General Hospital, as most of them do no have IC... yes, no IC and no relatives. Some resident's relatives does provide financial contribution. The place is clean, well kept and funded from donations and well wishers. While we were there, most of them are watching TV on a Sunday afternoon.

As budget is limited, they do not hire extra help and the housekeeper's son volunteer to help around the place. The housekeeper also mentioned that they have been requesting from Welfare Department since the last 8 years...with lots of interviews and still waiting for the approval for funding. So, guys....1Malaysia, what are you guys waiting for?!

Editor's Note : To get more details so that we can contact local MP for help.

Lai always wonder why old people end up in the old folks home. For orphan, they don't have choice. They are small and dependent. Kids just got dump there for no reason, well, by irresponsible parents - maybe. So Lai was interested to find out the answer - why old folk end up in old folks home.

Answer to Lai question:
Old folk just got dumped into there with no reason, just like the kids, when they are old and dependent. Next question, when they are young, they should do something about it.


Khor Song Joo said...

Dear Mr Lai

Tools Depot Group, with its Sports Club organised by the elected committee members comprising of staff, will visit Persatuan Warga Emas Klang on this 13 Aug 2011 (Sat). This is part of the Company’s monthly Team Building and Corporate Social Responsibility (TB+CSR) program.

If you are available, please come and join us. We shall arrive at 11:00. We hope to bring some cheers and laughter to the residents there.

We salute your good works. Keep it up.

Khor Song Joo

theflyingOx said...

Hi Mr Khor,

Thank you for your invitation, but sad to say that Mr Lai had passed away 10 months ago due to illness. I will drop by if time permits.

Thank you.