Monday, April 19, 2010

Be An Angel

Few days ago, Beautiful Gate (Foundation For The Disabled) organized a charity sales event at 1Utama. My friend invited me to attend their "Be An Angel" ceremony opening.

I go there 1 day earlier to meet my friend. When I reach there I got surprised! At first, i thought it will be normal person with disability. But I see 2 person on the wheel chair with their neck on one side, look like mental disorder.

I walk toward the booth, and greeted by 1 of the disabled. After chatting for 10 minutes, I feel like want to slap my face 1000 times!!!

They might look mental disorder, but they are well educated and speak perfect English! I feel so bad judging them with the first look. ARGHH!!!! (now you know why I wanted to slap my face 1000 times!!!- so I will use my heart to see people instead of using only my eyes)

I feel so lucky, that I talk to them and see the beauty side from them. Many of them having brain damage due to high fever when young. They are just like normal people, just can't control their limb so properly.

If you can try to join the event below, get to know them and you will unlock the hidden treasure between you and them.
Be An Angel here

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