Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Setting up Single Mum Child Care Center @ Kepong

We are looking for sponsor to set up a SINGLE MUM CHILD CARE CENTRE.
Project Owner: Chris
Coordinator: Gary Lee (1M1C) 018 3666120
Timeline: 2/11/13 @ 12pm @ Metro Prima Kepong Near AEON Kepong.
Setting up HELP Charitable Child  Care Centre in Kepong

The proposal of setting up HELP charitable child care centre (HELP4Cs) for refugee and local single working mothers in the Kepong area has been in our minds for quite a while. It is only when our school started facing serious problem of our teacher taking long extended maternity leave which affected the operation of the school that we again seek God’s blessings to start a child day care centre. We encourage refugee mothers to work so they can help with the household expenses of their families. It is also our desire to help Malaysian single mothers who may not be able to afford the high rates charged by private day care centres. With child care centres charging from RM500 to RM600 per child, hard core poor families can never afford it.

We propose to charge between RM200-300 per child per month and pray that we may not have to subsidise too much each month. Even if we have to make losses, we shall not compromise on the quality of standard we would be providing and ensure the centre is run professionally. Our babysitters shall be sent to UNHCR and Welfare department to attend periodical trainings on the operation of day care centre.

We took over the rental of the former FGA Kepong office in Metro Prima recently. The premise is well painted, renovated with 3 rooms (all with air-cons.) and come with a carpeted lobby area on the 1st floor of a shop-lot in Kepong, just a few blocks from our school. Very minimal renovation or painting is required to convert the premise into a child care centre except a bathing area for bathing babies and children may have to be constructed. We may also have to construct a low wooden platform for babies and children to sleep on instead of using beds.

We need to raise at least RM10,000 to get the care centre started. We appeal to churches and individuals to come forward to donate to our cause and help us start this centre. We do not mind used items (listed below) as long as they are still in very good condition and must be clean as we are very concern about hygiene.

Below is a list of some of the items we need for start-up:-

  1)    Electric baby cradle                                            -           4 units
  2)    Cradle sarong                                                     -           1 dozen
  3)    Baby gym                                                            -           4 units
  4)    Electric sterilizer and warmer (for 6 bottles         -           2 units
  5)    Children play mat (in size of 1’ x 1’ or 1’ x 2’)      -           100 sq. ft.
  6)    Washing machine                                                -           1 unit
  7)    Drying machine                                                    -           1 unit
  8)    Refrigerator                                                          -           1 unit
  9)    Mattresses, pillows with covers                            -           1dozen
10) Water heater                                                          -           1 set
11) Gas stove, regulation and gas cylinder                  -           1 set
12) Bath and hand towels                                            -           2 dozen

 Please contact Chris Jong at 012-8730380 for more information.

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