Monday, November 29, 2010

Pusat Jagaan Serasu (OKU & Anak Anak Yatim)

For this visit, we went down to Nilai this time. We selected this home as it was previously visited by some of our friends' friend. We gathered at Sg Besi toll at 1pm met up with some members in Tesco Semenyih and proceed with our required purchase. (You might be bored with the same old introduction every time..but this is what really happen la..)

The location of the home is located near Nilai Giant. We took about 45 minutes to reach there and waited for the caretaker for more than 30 minutes for him to guide us to the home. Journey was a bit long today with traffic jam and waiting time, which is why we will ensure we do a pre-visit so that we wont get lost.
View of the house
No budget for sign board

The home is a single storey terrace house and is in a bad condition. Based on the information provided from the caretaker, the place takes care of total of 13 tenants, which include handicapped children, orphans and a blind old lady. They moved from Rawang 3 months ago, as most of the tenants' family are staying nearby.
The house condition is very run down, with water leaking through the water tank and bare minimum kitche necessity. We were told that rental is RM480, which we think its bit expensive for a place like this. There is not even a dining table/chairs or sofa in the hall. Its bit sad to see them sitting on the floor, idling with their eyes looking at the wall. Seriously, the tenants really need some help in terms of physiotherapy and welfare.

Leaking ceiling
Store room on the left, toilet on the right without doors and water dripping down from ceiling

They also do not have a television, and while we were there, all of them are sitting there idle on the floor. The only thing we saw is the working refrigerator. There are also no proper mattresses, beside those worn out one in the photos.

Require mattress for replacement

If you have some items to contribute, the address of the home is 8235 Taman Desa Jasmin, Jln Bandar Baru Nilai 5/400, 71800 Bdr Baru Nilai.
Caretaker: Kasevan
Contact 016 370 1959

Our contributions this month:-

 Accounts details:-

For this visit, we spent RM798.35.

Purchased 4 tin of biscuits... 1 for this home, and 3 others for Dec visit.

Again, special thanks to all our donors again and we also have few new donors as well. We are hoping new people will join and let the 'old people' have break! ;)


Cassandra Yap said...

Well done 1Month1Charity! :). Any advice for novice donor on how to begin donating to your mission in helping those in need, like whom to contact, mode of making donation, etc? Thanks.

theflyingOx said...

Check Facebook for details. Having another event tomorrow, so join us! :)

Yash Shini said...

Can i have this place location contact number, due unable to reach them. plz help. TQ

theflyingOx said...

They may have moved and we dont have their contact. Sorry.