Monday, November 1, 2010

Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang

We did not do any activity in September and took the month off. To continue the momentum, we decided to do at the last day of the month.. and we are very surprised that the number of donors reach up to 34 people. Thank you people!! :) It has exactly 2 months since our last activity, and in between, we mourned the losses of our dear friend.
For this event, we have choose Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang. No specific reasons, but based on information on the web, we would do a first time visit to see how much we can help. Again, as a pre-requisites, we called up and ask what is required, and as usual, grouped at Tesco to purchase the groceries. With the large number of donors this time, the total collection is RM1700. We divided into 4 teams to speed up the purchases.

We arrived at the place around 230pm and was greeted by Ms Wendy. The home consists of 2 houses, with the front porch merged together. Both places are rented and its good to know that the home owners waived the rental.

The criteria for the admission is above 60 years old, single and no family members. The place is well managed, and most of the old people are above 80 years old and still in good health.

While we were there, Wendy also tell us about lives of of many unfortunates in the home, from single mothers, orphans, old folks, mentally-challenged and drug addicts. The government hospital does refers senior citizens here if they are unable to trace the family members. The current home accommodates old folks (male/female) and single mothers.
Main entrance

Female tenant accommodation

As we were about to leave, someone drop by to do a cash donation. Its a relief that there are many people are still willing to lend a hand for the home during this time of economy.

Again, special thanks for all the donors this round. As the total purchase for this round only came up to RM1045 + RM88.80 (Lap Cheong), the balance of RM566.20 will be used for 2 purposes
a) medication for the home
b) carry forward.

List of items donated

Male tenant accommodation

Daily food menu.....

Additional Request :-
  1. request for rack to put tenants things, as the old cabinets tends to wear off after sometime.
  2. railings on the wall for ease of movements in the ladies section.
  3. walker with wheels.

Accounting Details :-

For more details about the home, check out the URL below.

Location Map to the Home

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