Saturday, November 20, 2010

Updates : Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang

After our 1st visit to Kajang Caring Home, we acknowledge Ms Wendy's request on below items:
1. Walker with roller
2. pain killer medication

We bought the items from Maruzen Pharmacy located @ 12, Jln Medan Putra 6/42D, Medan Putra Business Center, Bdr Menajalara@ a discounted rates. Ms Teow - the business owner willingly gave us some discount after knowing our intention is to buy and send to Kajang Caring Homes. Thank you! :)
As we discussed with Ms Teow on the pain killer medicine, she did not recommend the senior citizen to consume pain killer without a doctor visit and only recommending us to send the Paracetamol as temporarily pain release while pending Doctor medication.
On top of that, it come to our mind instead of consuming the medicine, there are other alternative to release pain - Plaster, oil, and cream which can also temporarily release their pain. Hence, we bought the tiger balm, minyak angin, ubat batuk, vicks vaporubs, counterpain cream for the same purpose.
One of the tenants in also use lotion due to crack skin, bought additional bottle of lotion for him.

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