Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Balance of Groceries Distribution

As there were balance of 7 packs of groceries, we decided to donate it to homes that needs it. I donated to an old folks home, which we have previously visited before, which is Pusat Warga Emas (Klang). My arrival was unexpected its only 930am. They just finished breakfast and I can see one of the volunteers cleaning up the home. I exchange pleasantry with the caretaker, dropped the groceries and sign off the visitor book.

Goodie bags include 'ikan bilis'..which was much welcome by the caretaker.

2 bags of groceries + 1 pack of rice.

I proceed to another nearby home, which take cares of Down Syndrome children and handicapped children. The home is very new, as they basically tore down the old house and rebuild the home at the cost of RM1 million. They just moved into the house in May 2011. Hence, everything is still new and still need some things.

There are 20 tenants here, with 5 staffs. I saw 2 Indonesian maids in the house to help out as well. The tenants also recycle newspaper and does some packaging to generate income for the home. I was brought around the house to see the condition.

Sleeping room

A good Samaritan donated the cupboards for the clothings

Adjacent room which is still empty

Christmas wish...
Daily roster

Tenants doing packaging work...

Groceries delivered for the home

I proceed to find another orphanage in need, but couldnt find the location the last time. Again, failed miserably today. Hence, I decided to drop the final 3 groceries bag at Pusat Jagaan Anbe Sivam.

A revisit...

Tenants came out and help bringing in the groceries

3 bag full + 4 packs of milk powder + 2 packs for rice

List of items required by the home

With the above deliveries, the only balance are the few packs of milk powder, which will be redistributed to other homes as well. With this completed, we conclude the year 2011 with gratitude to all sponsors, donors and volunteers.

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