Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Back To School Program By Sri Narayani Foundation

For this Back To School program, this is one of the home that Sri Narayani Foundation (SNF) selected to receive the funding of RM200 per head. The allocated budget was RM200 per kid. I was requested to organise the logistics for the Back To School program.

Money, Money, Money ...... ;)

A total of RM4000 Mydin voucher was given in order to purchase the uniforms. For the allocated RM200, we manage to get 2 pairs of uniform and 2 set of shoes for each kid. Some of the shoes comes with free socks, hence no need to spend additional money on that. We had earlier called Mydin to confirm the availability of the uniforms, which was told that it will only come over the weekend. Hence, we set the Monday, 5th Dec to buy the uniforms for the kids.

Start to select the uniforms...
SNF was represented by Mr Manian, Vanan & 3 others (sorry..cant remember the name). We meet up for a quick breakfast and the kids arrived at 1015am, and proceed to the school uniform section. The first batch of 7 older kids start to select their uniforms and test it out.

Mydin staff finding the right size for the kids

Mr Wong who is very helpful in helping the kids getting the right shoe size
 Once they have completed with their uniforms, they proceed to the shoe section. They selected 2 shoes each and the staff, Mr Wong and his team, was very helpful. His team basically ensure the kids gets the size they want, ensure they get 2 each, and collect all and bring down to the counters. And with the crowd started to come in, I was already losing track who is who...since all of them wear the same Tshirt..(age is catching up..!).

The younger kids' turn...

Kids being kids.. ;)
 Once the elder kids are done, we send them out to ease the traffic, and the 2nd batch of smaller kids' turn. There were about 10 kids and while Mandy was handling one kids, the rest of them were just enjoy playing with themselves. Same process applied after they are completed.

Testing, testing...

The bounty of the day!! :)

Lots of shoes and shoes...!

All the school uniforms

Acceptance sign off for the vouchers

Total purchase

We spent a total of RM3661.25 out of the RM4000 budget, and there were 11 school shirts which is out of stock and 2 kids which didnt come due to sickness. As we are expecting the additional purchase to exceed the balance, 1M1C will sponsor the balance.

It just feels good to their happy faces and excitement getting their new uniforms and shoes. Again, a BIG THANK YOU to SNF for a big sponsorship to the orphanage. It really makes a difference when during this tough economy and donations are scarce . Also thank you to Project Made for organising this as well!!

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