Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 CNY Feeding at SRJK Hin Hua Klang (Part 1)

The planning for CNY started right after Gombak Orang Asli feeding, started with the question "Do you want to do CNY feeding?". Well, I guess the rest is history! :) As Ainie and myself started to plan on who would be our target recipients, when to do it, what to donate, things beginning to start to fall into place. We posted the event on Facebook and spread the word, and donation started to come in. With donation coming from everywhere, the goodie bag's contents begin to grow!

Here, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the following donors for their sponsorship, as without them, this event could not have been successful! 
  1. Neuramatix Sdn Bhd
  2. Nestle Bhd 
  3. Power Root Sdn Bhd
  4. Cosway Sdn Bhd
  5. Sri Narayani Foundation 
  6. Wan Lee and friend
  7. Mdm See 
  8. Joey Tan
  9. Yong WK
  10. Mrs Diana Wong & Friends
  11. Ms Yasmin Yong
  12. Ms Lilian Si
  13. Ms. Wendy
  14. En. Zaidi Ahmad
  15. Ms Angie Lim

The feeding pack includes the following: -
  • Rice – 1 pkt/ 10kg
  • Sugar – 2 pkt/ kg
  • Salt – 1 pkt
  • Oil – 2 pkt
  • Meehoon – 3 pkt
  • Maggi Mee – 2 pkt
  • Pork Luncheon Meat – 1 tin
  • Condensed Milk – 2 tins
  • Drink Cordial – 1 btl
  • MILO – 8 tins
  • Power Root Product
  • Cosway Product
  • Fresh Chicken – 1
  • Fresh Veg – 3 kinds
  • Mandarin Oranges – 1 box
  • Angpow Packets

Counting the packets...

Volunteers from Neuramatix

As there are MANY places that we can help, the decision to help who is also not easy. We later decided that we would go back to the school (SRJK Hin Hua Klang), where we did our Back To School program last year. We had initially decided to deliver to every single home, but with 30 homes to distribute, it is unlikely we can finish in a 2 hours session due to the scattered locations the recipients are living. We managed to contact the school headmaster, which willingly allow us to use the school as a distribution point. The headmaster, Mr Leow and Asst. HM, Ms Tan was kind enough to inform the families for us by issuing a memo to the families to come over on Sunday. It was a relieve for Ainie and myself to know we have a place to distribute. Our worst case scenario would be doing it outside the school, which is along the road!

Donor started to arrive as early as 1000am, and we immediately unload the groceries, and as more donors came, we started to arrange for ease of collection later on. Parents and children begin to arrive and we start the registration. We have Mr Leow's two son to help with the registration of the parents and cross check with the name list supplied earlier. By 11am, we already have 18 families in the hall.  As the school tried calling the balance of the 7 families, we start the event. I will let the photos speak for themselves here.....

The hall

All items packed and sorted out...

Green goodie bags from Neuramatixs

Parents and kids registering at the counter

More and more parents coming in....

Double check to ensure all are in order...

Registering and given a number....

The assembly line to collect the stuff

Inside the content of the goodie bag

Getting ready to start

The principal, Mr Leow gave the opening speech for the event in English and Mandarin. The event start after the speech

Shah...Chief Distributing Officer...

Apa nama? IC mari ...

The Queue....

Waiting for their turns...

Getting the kids to sign off the acceptance sheet

Stuff where given in order, like an assembly line.

Receiving the goodie bag...

Giving instructions..dont play play kiddo!

The first pack would be the rice

Mdm See giving out the angpows to each of the family

Goodie stuff being cleared...!!

Once collected, everyone proceed to the open air hall for a group photo...

We completed about 12pm and manage to distribute to 21 families, with the balance of 9 goodie bags. We decided to proceed to distribute to 2 homes, one is an orphanage and the other is a handicap center for woman. Stay tune for Part 2! :)

Enter the DRAGON! Happy CNY to all !! :)

P/S : Still waiting for some photos from the cameraman, so will post it once I get it.
PP/S : Having issue with accessing Twitter and Facebook from home, hence you will not see a frequent update until TM sort it out... if ever....

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