Sunday, June 27, 2010

Selangor King George V Silver Jubilee Home

This home was founder by Cheong Yoke Choy and Liew Weng Chee during the colonial times, to provide support Chinese females immigrants who migrated from China to work in Malaya in the early 30's. The original intention was to provide shelter for poor and aged Chinese women - found sleeping along five-footways in the late 1930s (source : Wikipedia)

The home are for those who are all homeless, have no dependents and support from their family members. It will be their shelter when they get old and no one to take care of them. This home only cater for female tenants. The tenants age range are from 50 to 90+. As there is no funding, most of the groceries are donated by the public.

Main Gate Entrance

Sign Board
Note: Notice the barbed wired for security?

Main Hall

Inside main hall

The home currently caters for 25-30 tenants, as they come and "go". Seeing the wall is fully wired, I asked the tenant about the security. This is something we learn from last visit. Animals do exist and rob the needy. But luckily this home is inside a safe zone (begin to sound like Baghad's Green Zone)

Kitchen & Tea break hall

They only have a common hall where everyone have their bed without any divider. All the tenants sleep in the same hall, own bed. That why they only allow female tenant.

Sleeping Hall

Contact and Care Taker

Our Deliveries

Account Details
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Wee San said...

Why not cook for old folks on top of donations?

theflyingOx said...

as our team is very small, we are very short of resources.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I am a resident living near this home. I think the old folks there need help from the public. The caretaker Linda Tan is an abusive person.

I have heard her scream at the poor old people and beaten some of them till one of them died. This is true because you can see some of them bruised up on the face and body.

She has been very successful keeping it quiet from the public, mainly because the old folks are afraid of her and she created short visiting hours for the puclic. If you notice, the visiting hours are really short for an aged care place. There was only one period where the home was open for long visiting hours( that was just after the police paid Linda a visit)

She has also pocketed most of the old folks new year angpows for herself. I don't think the police can help much as they are corrupt as well. HOW CAN WE HELP THEM?