Monday, June 21, 2010

Selangor Chesire Home

For this month, we decided to go to Selangor Chesire Home located at Selayang. Our budget this round was RM500. We (4 of us) assembled at Tesco Extra at Selayang and proceed to buy the required groceries. One thing that we learn is everyone seems to know if the price is cheap or expensive. I guess this is what happen when you have different people with different 'pricing skillset' to cross check. We do hope to have more volunteers and participants to help us in buying/carrying the groceries. As the money is donated from so many people, we would like to maximized the spending, hence a lot of 'bargaining' to see whether we need to buy Milo more, or diapers, guys/gals, we need you! :)

Note : Main entrance

Location of the home was pretty hard to find, due to the fact that there was no street name, hence GPS also cant help....we end up getting lost there for almost 30 minutes due to miscommunication. Finally, manage to get to the location after calling them.

Based on our understanding, SCA is a non government organization, hence limited funding. Government support by providing them the land and most of the daily requirements comes from public donation. We asked to be shown around the premises. The home cater for about 40 people here from multi-races. When we were there, they are all at the living hall watching TV. It was about 330pm and its tea time and bread was served.

The tenants

Our Deliveries:

Took a visit to the kitchen and its big, due to the amount of food needs to be prepared and served daily. While we were there, 2 ladies were busying cleaning up the vegetables, while 2 more were cleaning the utensils ready to cook dinner.

We saw some other groceries being contributed to the home, and happy there are 'others' like us around (no, we are not aliens!).

If the tenants can afford, they pay RM50 every month, else would be funded by government. The budget given is RM6 per head per day - which is very low and only enough to survive. Readers, can you please try to limit your meal to RM6 per day for 1 week? The caretaker mentioned that the tenants really like KFC ;) . So, if anyone of you keen to visit, please don’t forget to bring 4 bucket (70+ resident and volunteers) of KFC for them.

Behind the current block, a new building is currently being built. There is also a swimming pool for the tenants to do their physiotherapy.

Its really sad to hear from the caretaker that some people, leave their parents here - with no intention of taking them back by providing the wrong address and phone number during registration. The caretaker will only know when they called up during emergency, death or festive seasons, whether if they want to bring them back. Hence, in the event death occurs, the tenants funeral will be arranged by the home, according to their religion. All of us just shake our heads, unable to comprehend what we just heard. I would not want to comment further, but I believe some may have their own reasons to put their parents here, but by giving wrong address, not visiting them, not contactable - this is just plain cruel. Is this the world we lived in, or it just become more cruel? And I wonder, while parents are showering their kids with love while they are young, would they expect to see this at the end of their life?

We were bit surprised to see a Rela member at the entrance. Upon asking the caretaker, we were told that they have to hire them as some people come in and rob underprivileged's belongings at knife point!!! Yes, there are people who take advantage of the underprivileged and they do exist in this world!!! Our jaws drop almost reaching the ground...just really do not believe what we heard. As you can see, the homes are now like prisons with grills to protect the tenants.

And if you think by having grills to lock the place is much safer, you are wrong! The thieves just come in EARLIER before they lock the gates! Talk about coming early for work!! And these bastards (no, I wont mind my manners here) are brave enough to try their luck at night even after its lock. Its really SAD to see they cant even have a good night sleep. To the thieves, we hope you realized that what goes around, comes around.

To those who have leave their parents there and are not contactable, I do hope you realized what you have done. I would like to share this video1 and video2.

Account Details
We bought:

Total Donor: 27
Total Donation: RM1350 (RM50 per donor)
St Barnabas Spend: RM321.85
Selangor Chesire Association Spend: RM474.67
Balance: RM553.48

Once again, thank you very much to our donors for making this a success and we hope you would join us in our future visits. Lastly, wishing all the fathers a very Happy Father's Day!


Steve said...

Lai has REST IN PEACE 16.10.2010, 20:50pm @ Jinjang House. MAY GOD BLESS HIM IN HEAVEN......

Anonymous said...

i'm miss goh.
working as HR assistant in J.R Auto Oil seals,Jalan Kuching.
my company would lik to visit to suc places as wad i cn read from your blog.
so..may i ask the add of "Selangor Chesire Home" from u?
this is my very first time to organize suc event,tht's y i would lik to try to visit the nearer 1 1st.and i jus noticed tht Selangor Chesire Home is near Selayang arae rite?!
so.. can you pls gimmi the add?
or u cn email me =)
wish to listen from u soon!