Sunday, June 13, 2010

St Barnabas Home and Community Center

Our next destination was a orphanage in Klang, and this time we go to St Barnabas Home and Community Center which is a Christian orphanage located behind Little India, right beside Sri Kota Medical Hospital. The home care taker is Mr George, a very humble and nice person to talk to.

Note :Chief Photographer Officer didnt get battery for the camera, and again, makes us 2 years younger when we did this. So, who say doing charity does not have its benefits? ;) As a workaround, it is suggested that the Chief Photographer Officer will mask himself, holding the day's newspaper - just like those people that got kidnapped and to show sign of alive.

Actually we plan to reach at 4.30pm, but due heavy rain, we were late, reaching at around 5.30pm. Mr George already went back, but he did called us when we reach the home and manage to have a short conversation with him.

The home consist of kid's home and community center. They have a hall for renting for any event. We only managed to visit the left side of the home.
The kids stayed at level 3 and 4, and there are about 15 kids. Some are orphans while some are have single parents. As you can see, they have a duty roster to train the kids to be independent and learn to work together. The place looks neat and well taken care off, except a leaking roof.

The kids here are very polite and very discipline. Its heart breaking to know our small little contributions make so much difference to them. I still remember when we are about to leave, all kids reply back with a warm good bye (at least 3 times, feel so good - and which is why I always ask my donor to join and get the feeling...).

Again, many thanks to the donors for making this a successful event. One thing we noticed is that is most of places that we have visited, whenever we arrived at the location, you can always sense that they are very cost conscious. How do we know it? They never switch on the lights & fan and all these people are just doing what they do, except reading. Perhaps the next time you switch on your lights, remember that some unfortunate people live in the dark during the day ........ I wonder why TNB cant give them any rebate for under privileged homes?

You can contact them through (Update - this email is invalid. Will update later)

Address :-
Lot 22, Jalan Mohet,
Off Jalan Tengku Kelana,
41000 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 03-33728191 or 03-3374 4092
Contact person: Rt Rev M E Ponniah, Mrs Mani Paramsothi, Mr George Walters

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