Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Grocery for the Needies @PPR Bt Muda Jalan Ipoh - Oct 2015

For October 2015,our original destination was Johan Setia, but due to last minute changes, we decided to change to PPR Batu Muda, Jalan Ipoh. This would be our third time here (including Free Market event). We worked with the committee for the list of 90 needy families. For this round, we were lucky that our rice sponsors decided to upgrade the rice from 5kg to 10kg! Many thanks to the group from Tratles.net.

We had a dozen of volunteers this round, which make things move very fast in terms of loading of the rice, but still its not easy to carry across the field. But with teamwork, we clear it out pretty fast!

90 packs of rice in nick of time.

Parking is a nightmare and we work real fast to clear it up for the traffic

I think this is the hardest job of all.. getting ppl IN LINE!

Untying the trays of eggs


Pre-pack the groceries to speed up the distribution

The other end - upon receiving their bounty

Helping out the recipients
We completed the distribution in about 1 hour and recipients went home happy. There are actually about 600-700 families there, but we only manage to do 90 families which is only a fraction of the population here. Looking at the current economy climate, we hope other NGOs will also provide some help to the needy families. Again, many thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who have made a difference in their life.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one. -Mother Teresa

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