Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back To School 2017 (1.2) - Dec 2016

2016/18 - BTS1.2

With a last minute request for help on uniforms during an outing, we decided to do our best to help the home out. Many thanks to Onglai Chow's friends and friends for taking up the cause to sponsor the uniforms and school bags for the home. When I told the caretaker that uniforms are coming in tomorrow, she was elated with joy as it was not expected at all. So, many thanks to the sponsors who responded in a short time. I believe many homes are also in the same position this year. So, if you want can do something about it, please go to the any orphanages and help them out. #everylittlebitcounts

We hope you guys will do well in school and make us proud! 

We got 3 kids that does not have paperwork to get into the school, so we got some stationaries for them coz we were so sad looking at their sad faces :(

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