Sunday, February 19, 2012

Distribution of Donated Milk Powder - Part 3

HELP Community Learning Center is the beneficiary of the final batch of the milk powder allocated for 1M1C. We made appointment with Chris, the project coordinator for the center to deliver the stuff. Project MADE also add-on Maggie Mee and biscuits for the children.

Kids drawing greet us at the staircase

The center is an informal school for the children of the Burmese that are residing in Kepong. Some of the families are registered UNHCR refugees while the rest are still in process. As most of the parents are working to support their living, the children are mostly left unattended. Hence, HELP Community fill in the gap to educate the children and prepare them for their future new home e.g US. Canada.

Basic manners that will guide them far to the future...

Tea break...

Self discipline kids!

Makan-makan Malaysia..even though its just biscuits.
 The school current holds about 130 students, which covers from kindergarten to primary syllabus which covers English Maths. UNHCR pays the salary of 2 school teachers, while HELP itself pay for the rest of the 3, topping up RM200 to the one paid by UNHCR. Hence, with rentals and miscellaneous expenses, the monthly expenses is no small amount.

Class in session

We arrived at 1030am and had the helpful hands of the kids to carry the stuff to center (3 flight of stairs!). The center located in a 4 storey building, where they occupied 3rd and 4th floor. Rental is RM500 for the former and RM600 is for the latter. Chris later briefed Ainie and myself on the center and explained the issues running the center and requirements.

Exercise books for the kids...
This round's delivery...
Few of the mothers arrived and we gave them 1 can of milk powder each, and leave the rest for Chris to allocate it out.

Milk powder for the mothers...

One for the album

Job vacancies...

If you can help this center, kindly contact Chris @ 012-873 0380 or email him[at]

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