Monday, April 2, 2012

Yayasan Sunbeam, Cheras

On 26th Feb, 2012, we visited Yayasan Sunbeam Cheras. As usual, we meet up with some volunteers at Tesco, and we proceed to buy to groceries. There were some other donors that already pre-purchased and waited for us at the home. For this event, we seems to get a few donors more than the usual, and their presence and donations are greatly appreciated! When we arrived, we actually got a shock to see the house is already demolished, only to remember that there is another home behind. We were told  that they are trying to build a new house and currently no budget to pursue this after demolishing the earlier first home.

Dude, Where is the Orphanage?

When we arrive, it was lunch time and they were busily chatting over lunch. We manage to chat with the caretaker on the daily activities in the home. The kids does goes to school to ensure they get the required education for a better future. There are successful graduates from the home, that came back and help the home.

The baby hatch is located outside the house, which was constructed by government to allow mothers that would want to dump the baby to put into the hatch, instead of killing or dump it elsewhere. I am not sure to say fortunately or unfortunately, the hatch had not receive its first baby yet.

Baby hatch alarm inside the house

Daily duty roster

Notice board with the activities

Milk powder, washing powder, canned foods, biscuits,etc...

As we were about to leave, we manage to talked to the cook. With 150 people to cook, it is no small task for her. She had been a working here for a long time, and her daily chores are being assisted by Myanmar helpers. Based on our chat, they do get sufficient vegetables and rice, but  currently, they are in need of a fruit blender. For daily meals, they would want fish as part of their daily meals. And that is 150 fishes required!  So, for those readers that stay around there, please help to donate if you can. 

The cook at the background, and see monthly supply of eggs!

The total spent for this visit is RM323.30.

P/S : My apologies for the late update as I was tied up with work and also family matters.

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