Monday, April 16, 2012

Persatuan Kebajikan Rumah Memperbaharui Johor Bahru.

Homes Address:
18 Jalan Bulat, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru
Ms Candy Contact: 07-2229514/016-7719514


FINALLY, we are out of Klang Valley! The late Lai Chin Lun must be happy to hear and see us venturing south now. It is my wish to bring the 1month1charity concept to outer part of Klang Valley. I always believe that there are more homes that requires help outside Klang Valley. So finally, on 6/3/12, we did it!

Visitation hour: 10am - 8pm (Prior arrangement need to be done via phone)
Type: Centre for single parents' children, orphans and youth 单亲孩子、孤儿及少年中心
Total Kids: 10 person (Age 4-12, boys and girls)

All the kids are from single parent family. To protect the child, we do not take any photos of the kids. The boys and girls are all well good manners.

Danny and myself arrived 730pm, just half an hour before their closed for visitation. We delivered cooking oil, salt, sugar, eggs, bee hoon, Milo, biscuit, rice and some VITAGEN to cheer up the kids in the house.

Brian (4 yearsold) at first feel shy to meet me, but with the orange VITAGEN, I managed to make contact with him. He has an innocent look and a very cheerful boy.

Items requires on daily and weekly basis:
1. Fresh Chicken Meat
2. Frozen Fish Meat
3. Fresh vegetable

If you happen to be in JB, Tmn Century area, do visit the home and bring some fresh food for the kids.

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