Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hair Cut & Pizza Day - June 2014

School holiday was coming to an end.. so, the kids will need some hair cut. Initial plan was for one home, but within an hour of posting on Facebook, I have 3 barbers volunteering! :) So, mind as well fully utilized their skills and efforts! So thank you to Kate, Amelia, Kevin for hair rising experience!
And not forgetting sponsors for pizza, cup cakes and drinks - TQ Chua, Lilian, Amelia, Wendy & Ong for this.

The two homes that are involved was Ozanam Home and Anbe Sivam Orphanage.

Ordering pizza also hard work! Address messed up but have to thank Ambang Botanic store manager for the great assistance for sorting this out

Pizza and cup cakes... that I never get to taste.. *hint* *hint*...Thanks to Chua, Lillian, Wendy & Ong and Amelia for the F&B

Start work at Ozanam Home

First customer..

Slow and steady.....

It was tea break time when we arrived

Meanwhile, while the hair stylist are in Ozanam Home, the one in Anbe Sivam is already in progress
Army style No.2 ...quick and easy...

Everyone gets a chance... some kids does not want the Army style No.2 and you should see their faces when we say all goes same style!

Eating pizza while waiting for their turn for hair cut

Tea time with Domino's Pizza.. TQ to all sponsors

We finished about 530pm and it was a long hot day for everyone ... Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers who have come together on a hot Saturday afternoon and make this event a successful one. See you in our next event! :)

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