Friday, April 29, 2011

SunBeam Home @ Cheras

Yayasan SunBeam Homes
Add 54 Jln Bunga Melur 16A, Tmn Mawar 56100 Cheras KL.
Contact 03 4295 3949
Caretaker Ms Mimi

Meet up with the team in Tesco Cheras as usual, and proceed with the purchase of groceries. We have earlier ask for the list of items to buy and prepare the list and split it into 3 trolleys. So, it took only 30minutes to finished the purchase. I can say that our timing has improved a lot since then! :)

When we reach there, they were expecting us. The caretaker inform us on the house. The house currently caters from for those from 1 year old to early 20's from multiple races. Most of them are from broken family or single mom.

The house opposite of the home

Most of the teenagers are Orang Asli from Pahang, and we were told that they are here because of the condition in living in the jungle. Under the home, they are provided with education and better living environment. there are also indian, chinese and malay as well. The house we visited was for girls only, while the other one adjacent right at the back is for the boys.

Lunch time! Cooks cooking....

This month's delivery

Thank you for those who joined us again this round. We have many new members for this visit.
Special thank to Ms Adeline Chiu who baked cakes and send over to the home.

Below are the details of April account.


Victor said...

Yayasan Sunbeams Home Having their CHARITY BAZAAR on the 2nd July 2011.please come and support us!!!!
We need your HELP!

Pastor Victor

Lena said...

Dear blog owner & readers :)

I've just created a Facebook Page for Yayasan Sunbeams Home with the permission of Pastor Victor and I'm on a mission to help them spread awareness and gain contributions through that page.

I need your help to:
1. Like the page and invite your friends to like the page
2. Share your photos on the page - e.g. post a comment and link it to your blog post on them (also great for driving more traffic to your blog)

The page is still being tweaked but any support we can get in the meantime would be great :)

Why I'm doing this... is cos I know that as 1 person, I can only contribute so much in terms of time & resources, but if I use what little skills I have to create a FB page for them and promote them, I can get a group of people to keep sharing about the home, the contributions are multiplied many times more ^-^

Thanks so much & Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

The Lord is your strength.
Where is the children that you are running the charity home for, there is no prove of any child in that home. looks like a school or maybe a restaurant. at least make it look real. for now is just a way to make money from people. try and show the real deal, so that people will have the mind to give because is just one man show now. Thank you and God bless