Monday, July 23, 2012

Emergency Aid To Family In Need

Case: Family of Poor (Kepong Baru)

Mr Tan Chong Eng (NRIC 801015-10-xxxx), a furniture worker with income RM2K a month, born in year 1980, married and have 5 children (age 11months, 4yrs, 7 yrs, 8 yrs & 9yrs). Within last 2 years, he was involved in 3 accidents and need medical fee about RM30k for his back bone surgery. Currently, the kids are taken care by the wife as full time housewife.

Their situation was pick up by NanYang SiangPao and this trigger the public attention. Politician has stepped in so try to help. Tan is now register in Jab Kebajikan Masyarakat and the politician is negotiating with University Hospital for the back bone surgery operation fees.

The family stayed in Metro Prima Block B renting a house @ level 14. They are already 3 months behind rental payment of RM450 / month rental. His son,  Tan Wee Siang happens to be my son's classmate and due to absences from school a few days, the headmaster discover the family situation.

The school, SRJK (C) Kepong II has started a fund raising campaign to ease the burden of this very unfortunate family. From the donation notice, Harry (my son) ask me for some donation. Personally i donated RM50 on the spot.

I was told that the kids only have not more than 50 cents per day for their school days. This initiated me that we need to help this family.

Immediately 1month1charity purchased daily grocery such as eggs, biscuit, instant noodles, bihun, flour, sugar, salt, rice, jam, butter, milk powder, sanitary pads. We delivered the items early July after a site visit on end of June.

The item cost RM231.25.

We did a fund raising @RM50 per person from GaryLee's friends list. On top of that, we hosted a Raub Durian Makan sambil ber'Charity 1/7/2012 6-9pm @ Kepong Baru. In total, we managed to raise RM 5,810 - Durian cost RM400).

Special thanks to Sanddie, (Happy Tan & Family, OCM & Family), that contributed in a big way. The durian cost RM 400 was re-donated back to this fund by Mr Happy Tan and OCM.

We wrote a cheque RM5,000 and pass to Mr Tan. Hopefully this ease their burden for the medical bill partially. The balance of RM810 will be posted into 1M1C account for other who need it.

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