Sunday, October 20, 2013

Groceries For the Needies - September 2013

As per our usual monthly activity in providing the groceries to the needies for Tony.  Groceries were pre-purchased for packing and planned for delivered on 29th Sept 2013, 2pm. It was a super hot day but it doesnt stop our volunteers to do what is required.

The usual groceries pack

The first family who is a single mom

Phew.. 2 floors only...!

Groceries deliverd

The mom is divorced with a single child. The husband beat the wife up till kidney is injured. We asked her to get medical help before situation worsen.

Dr Azma discussing with the single mom on how to help her family. For a small apartment, its rent is RM450 which is a too expensive for such a remote location

Second family - mom with cancer

Terminator working on MC (after his recent cataract op)

Bike has to be kept in house to avoid being stolen.. hope I wont see the chicken coop inside!

Getting the family details and medical condition. She has stage 4 cancer and was sick for 3 years and the water retention will cause her body to be bloated. Need to go hospital to let the fluid out. Hospice does provide medication and hospice care.
Delivering the groceries..

Tony been helping the home for a while. He initially help to pay their electric and rental so that the family can start fresh.

Fourth family - A single mom with four children, with 2 eldest working. Husband just passed away due to cancer and Tony know him through hospice. Currently, the family is not receiving any help from any organisation

The fifth family

Didnt manage to get any details.

For this month's delivery, our timing is a bit bad as it took us more than 3 hours to distribute to only 5 homes due to the distance. The balance of the 5 houses were not around during our visit and had to be redistributed in another day by Tony himself. Thank you to all donors and volunteers who have contributed time and money to ensure we can continue doing activities like this.

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