Saturday, January 18, 2014

Visit to Tong Sim Old Folks Home, Sungai Besi

Our first activity for 2014, is a visit to Tong Sim Old Folks home in Sg Besi. With CNY around the corner, we would like to bring some cheers to the old folks. Again, in a short time, items were quickly pledged, donated and delivered. Many thanks to all sponsors - Dr Azma, Roshidah, PhuiFatt Ong, Joleen, Nor Aini, Lilian Ng, Catherine Lim, Betty Candy, Mr Ang, Yong WK, Nai, J. Suresh Kumaran, Aril, Neeney Nny, Sofy Latoya, Aceem MNor, Heyrown Auzi and Liyana Natalia. Various medical items were donated as we were expecting to clean wounds of some of the tenants.

Pudding, winter melon and water melon
Mee hoon, noodles and curry chicken.

Good Morning towel...courtersy of Joleen & cousin

Off course.. not forgetting the Ang Pow! Thanks PhuiFatt

Preparing the food to be served.

Chit chatting with the tenant

All they want is someone to talk to

The uncle at the end need some cleaning and manicure..

2 right hand man of the home..standing on the right and middle.. :P

The old lady wasnt willing to let her hand go when its time to go home. :(

Dr Lim with X-ray vision

Cleaning his leg wound.. has looong finger nails

Manicure services included for the day
Cleaning and massaging the back sore... :(

Manicure services again.. ;)

Chinese TCM providing free medical care
Traditional medication
Giving angpow and medical goody bag. TQ PhuiFatt Ong & Ruiting for this. She had tears in her eyes when I gave the angpow to her, and my reaction was the same, but still manage to 'turn off the tap'. Even though she is in her 80's, her mind is still very active.

The VIP uncle seems to know everyone in the high places, from Dr M to Tun Badawi. He talked for all the time we were there... Uncle Cheong paid him RM50 to clean up the compound and keep him busy..else, he goes on talking non-stop! All of us had our 'lecture' session upon coming down to the compound.. everyone seems to be too polite to walk off!
The final event was to give each of the old folks a medical goody bag and ang pow.While the goody bag and ang pow was unexpected, I can see from the reaction that they are more happy to have us talking to them. We hope readers that are staying nearby will pay a visit to the home to talk to them.

Total expenses used from 1M1c fund is as below :-

Medical goody bag - RM625
Ang Pow - RM330 (RM10 x 33)

Total Expenses - RM955

Thank you to all volunteers who were there to help and contributed to the event. Again, thank you for the time spent with the old folks, as all they need is just someone to talk to at the end of the day.

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