Monday, August 11, 2014

Groceries For the Needies - July 2014

Our regular sponsorship of ten families to Tony's recipients. For this round, the team from Region of Love joined us to see how they can further help the poor families. Again, much appreciation to all the sponsors and volunteers who have contributed time and money for this month's event. For this event, we took almost 4 hours, traveling across Klang town.. bit tiring, but an eye opener for our new volunteers.

The first family at Pandamaran

EJ taking down details and will come back to see how Region of Love can help the family

The next family is located at a low cost apartment
Low cost apartment that has high rent....
Mom went to work, left the children at home. The 'sofa' in the hall. Sometimes, life is very simple

Kg Delek... mother had stage 4 cancer

Tony finding the house key...

Old granny requesting not to give rice as she cant finished it as she only live with her disable son.

Cambodian Muslim family

Indian family

9th family... Knock knock.. makcik tengah sibuk masak.....

Makcik making kuih-muih before raya... bagi satu boleh? :)
We hope the little contribution ease their burden for the month. Again, many thanks to all sponsors and volunteers who have help the families.

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