Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Groceries for the Needies @SK Pendamar - May 2017

Our original plan to go to Bahau was “dashed” due to last minute pull out by the host school. It was rumoured that all NGOs/NGIs already have plan to storm the Best of the Best in Bahau, but I guess its not meant to be. #wewillbeback. But thanks to Mama Roshidah Abdul A'ala's connection, we were saved, and thats how we end up in SK Pendamar :)
As usual, our usual modus operandi applies for our every event. Special shout out to Food Aid Foundation, Happy Caring Hearts Crew, Geng Pn Latifah and Team Ringan Beban. TQVM guys for contributing additional items for the families. Additional items that add up to the standard pack is coffee, milo, tea, sweetener, kurma, flour, cordial drinks for the families. We also have a mini Free Market! Special thanks to the school PIC, En Dollah for coordinating and also the school for allowing us to use their place. Not forgetting our sponsors who have contributed to the event! :)
Our next event is again for the needy families for Raya. See you on 18th June 2017@ Pulau Indah…

Awaiting crowd for event to start...

Everyone gets to help out

Sorting out the additional items

The recipients awaiting for the event to start

TQ volunteers!

TQ Food Aid Foundation for the sponsorship of rice!

Mini free market!

Our fellow contributors! TQVM for joining!

Our other sista NGO contributors! :) TQVM

The new 2017 Plastic Man... LOL

Group photo! 

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