Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kechara Soup Kitchen ~ my second visit

I volunteered for my 2nd time to KSK (3/9/2100). However, I wasnt aware that I need to inform by 6pm if I will participate that night Normally, all will require to send SMS to Kok Wai so that he know who will be coming that night and easier to assigned the volunteers. I reached there about 1030pm and realised my team Jln Tun Perak already left. Hence, I was assigned to another team that will be covering Cahaya Suria, which is located opposite of Menara Maybank. We departed at 11pm and when we arrived, the car park attendant was helpful to assist us to park the cars and unload the feeding pack.

team was about 9 of us, and while some were unloading the food stuff, some were arranging the food for ease of distribution. The total pack allocated were 90 packs. The crowd knows the drill ~ line up! :) So, its not so hard to get them in line. The crowd waited patiently for their turns.Each feeding back consist of a pack of vegetarian meal, 2 small pack of biscuits, 1 orange, 1 bottle of mineral water. For this round, there were also old clothes for distribution. hence, another queue was form and ..we begin to give 1 person 1 piece of cothing. Some are selective and wanted more..but as there are only limited amount, we can only give one each. For a first timer, I think it looks intimidating as I was wondering if it could be a rush for things and we end up having a riot! But, I guess my thoughts were unfounded.

In terms of clothings, some are quiet selective on the clothing type, while some just accept what was given. Some of them even requested for soap, which we only have 3 bars to give around.  During the food distribution, I noticed a kid roughly 3-4 years old queuing up for the foodpack. As there were some kids clothes as well, I took a few piece and try to find the kid. I asked around was shown to the far end of our distribution point, where there are more people sleeping on cardboard on the ground. Over here, I noticed that there was a family of 5 sleeping on the ground. I passed the clothes to the younger one and they accepted the clothes. Here, I met Azman in his early thirties, with his wife, aged 22, and three young kids. The kids look skinny and lack of nutrition. It looks like they missed the food distribution as they are not aware of it.

As the food distribution ends, even the boxes were not spared. I got 'scolded' by an uncle, for the box that he wanted was grabbed by another guy. I guess, it would probably be his bed for the night. Some of them try their luck to come for second round, but we do tell them that 'you already taken this earlier', and off course, they are getting it for their 'friends'....

Once the food has been all been distributed, we walk around the place and team lead Poh Chu manage to start a conversation with Azman. Based on the discussion, it seems that Azman is from Penang and working as a security guard in Sg. Besi. As the company does not provide accommodation for family, he does not have a place to stay. He said that he had a quarrel with family, hence left the family. He said that he will be sending the kids to Pahang boarding school tomorrow, but we cant verified if this is true or not. Poh Chu advised him to forgive and forget and go back to the family for the kids sake.

As we leave the place, we noticed a few older man, too sleeping nearby. Everyone seems to have their 'private' space being defined by the piece of cardboard on the ground. Bit heart breaking to see everyone is eating at the restaurant at this late hours and A&W, McD and Nandos are just within 50 meters away...

: While passing by the place few days later, I reliased that the place the family slept that night, was outside our multi-million dollar toilet aka Automatic Street Toilet! I cant take the photos at night, but will posted when I get stuck in the jam again!

Note : No expenses was used from 1M1C fund for visit to Kechara Soup Kitchen

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