Sunday, September 25, 2011

Padmasambhava Children Loving Association

I was informed that there is an orphanage that need some help. So, quickly created the event and manage to get a few volunteers to join us. Nowadays, it seems my events are super last minute and just too rush for volunteers to attend. My apologizes on that as due to heavy work load, I do not have time to really plan where to go. Also, my apologizes for my super late entry as we visited it on 4th Sept 2011.

Anyway, back to the home, it consist of 7 homes, linked together and currently, there are 49 orphans, aged from ZERO months to 20's. With a bunch of 49'ers to take care, its really a big task for the caretakers. 2 of the kids are in college now, while the rest are mostly school children. We were greeted by the caretaker, Ms Angel and were brief on their daily operation, their needs and issues.

The Home
Another house also owned by the association, which serve as a clinic

Photo albums on their activities....
Organisation Chart

The younger kids taking the afternoon nap....yes.. calm before the storm!

The admin office
Admin Office

Most of the kids here are either Chinese, Indians or mixed parentage.
This kid's (below) father is a Malaysian and mom is a Cambodian. As they were never legally married, and father has since abandon the mother, hence this boy is country-less. Based on what Ms.Angeltold us,  JPN notified the home that they will do a DNA test to identified the kid's citizen (huh?) and will send him back if he is not a Malaysian citizen. Er... dont ask me, I am as blur when I heard this from the caretaker. There are a few orphans that do not have birth certificate as well...and I believe many of us take this for granted.

DNA can tell you country of origin..? Dont ask me....

Brother#2... abusive dad and mom needs to find work..
And I think this is Brother #3...sigh..

Kids locker... no keys coz the kids lost the keys...anyone can donate a new one?
Where the meals are serve

Sponsorship required for the students

The center also receive a lot of grocery donation, hence with the excess, every 3rd week of the month, they will give out to the needies. The criteria for the eligibility would be as below :-
1)  No Astro in the house
2)  Must produce hospital records if they claim sick n unable 2 work
3)  Must produce water/electricity bills (to see their usage)
4)  Must produce details of each member of family, such as age, working/studying, show proof of income etc
5)  Will make a visit to see the condition of house itself, spot any luxurious items etc

The amount to be given to each recipient will depend on the number people in the household. Once a while, they do do spot check to ensure the donations are not abused.

Other donation that came in that day.

Tea Break!

For our visit this time, we spend almost rm800 on the food items, which the bulk of it goes to the milk powder. Each tin cost about RM60+ and it takes a big chunk of the budget, but due to the baby's needs, we buy what is necessary for them. We are glad that Project MADE donated 12 boxes of 1 liter Milo for the home, as it will help to save the morning expenses on Milo. Again, Mr & Mrs Ong donated 3 baby cradle stand!

Nope, we didnt donate the chair...
As most of the 49ers' are students, they need a lot school stationary like exercise books, bags & stationary. And good news is that we have found sponsors for the school bags, thanks to Ong & Wendy's who found the sponsor. Again, if you have things that you find you can donate, you can contact Ms. Angel(03-32907584).

Will published the account details later one.. ;)

Total Purchase
Receipt#1 - RM346.88
Receipt#2 - 471.69
MINUS Rebate - RM12.00
Total Purchase  - RM806.57

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