Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Persatuan Kebajikan Sri Baba, Klang (2nd visit)

We visited them last in early February 2012, and I thought it would be good to follow up again. As usual, I called to ask what was needed and the main requirement was dry groceries.

When I arrived about 1pm, the tenants are having their lunch - rice with fish curry...and I see more curry than fish... Mohan was not around as he sent his kids to clinic, so I had a short conversation with his mother. The stories I heard, well, the children sending the parents as they are unable to take care as they have a house full of children to feed..8 kids! And sometimes, the children just do not want the parents to be back into their home. Not sure how to digest this - really...speechless...

As at now, there are about 16 old folks in the home, and some of them take care of the rest and as I was about to leave, I see them cleaning up after lunch, washing dishes and cleaning the tables. I was told they dislike eating vegetables and beans but like fish and chicken. So, remember to bear in mind if you are coming over.

I bought extra biscuits for the 4 kids I saw in earlier visit. but none of them was around. I was told that they do have doctors and dentist coming over to visit them weekly to provide check up and was advised not to stay there as the old folks sickness may spread to them.

After lunch... whats next?

Cleaning up after lunch

Helping to move him to the sofa...

The groceries consist of cooking oil (2 bottles), 2 x 10kg of rice, Babas Muruku , sugar, salt, bi hun, maggi mee, 1 pack of nuggets, 5 pack of hot dogs, 10 packs of Kraft tiger biscuit, washing powder,  washing softener, Ribena, tooth paste, orange juice, tomato and chili sauce, eggs, onions and potatoes. For this visit, total amount spent was RM328. If you think you can help, please contact Mohan at 016-292 2500.

As we get ready to wrap up for the year 2012, we will have a final event for the year which is the Back To School Program and Christmas Party for St Barnabas Home on the 15 Dec 2012... before the Mayan's prophecy comes true.. :P

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