Friday, November 30, 2012

Reach Out Malaysia - KL Run

I was introduced to Reach Out by Jennifer whom we met via FB site, and finally had the time to join on the Saturday night run. We met up and proceed to PJ Hilton to pick up 30 packs of packet food. Traffic was slow tonight due to unknown reason as usual. We managed to reach Jalan Pudu at 1130 and had a drink before we proceed to the destination. Guess I am the newbie for the night.

First stop was Pudu Raya, saw about 20 homeless people there and the team just distribute the food pack as we see them. Some received it silently, while some gratefully said 'Terima kasih'. Its probably the night I heard the most 'Thank You' for a long time as I guess I dont get to hear the word in the busy daily life. Guess the rat race has taken the toll on basic courtesy in life?

As we assembled at the distribution points, some of the homeless came and say hello to the team, while some has slept and we just quietly put the food near to them. I seen Pete and the team greet the homeless like old friends and knowing them by name. Tonight's menu is rice pack, bottled water, oranges, RotiBoy bread and curry puffs.

The next stop was Bangkok Bank, there were about another 20 homeless there, far from the normal numbers due to recent DBKL raid. We proceed on foot to some of the shops where they were sleeping. Food pack were distributed to all. One guy was asking for Panadol, which we later found out that he has tyroid. Melvin went back to the van to get some for him.

Lots of dry food sponsored for the night

Cats are not spared! Dapat makan jugak! :)

Almost 1230am n father and son still ronda-ing around.. bread to the kid and dad....

 We proceed to another location and I have no idea where am I. We unload the food packs and the long queue seems to fall in place. Food was handed over quickly and orderly to at least 50 people. After we completed the distribution, I saw Pete talking to 2 old man, roughly 60 years of age. As I listen to their conversation, I can sense the frustration that the relevant authorities dont do much to help them beside arresting them. Arresting criminals to prevent them from doing more crime I can understand, but arresting the homeless to prevent them from being homeless, *THAT* is the first! The pak cik speak fluent English, and I felt at his age, he should be at home taking care of the grandchildren and not 'hanging' around on the street. I guess everyone is there by circumstances and not by choice.

Lost City

We then proceed to next stop which is the Lost City around 100am. I was told about the 'Lost City' earlier and after so many stops, I found out the location is actually under the roundabout opposite Public Bank building at Jln Syed Putra. Somehow, the name Lost City seems to fit perfectly here, away from the chronic busyness of the city. I guess standing there in the middle of the night, looking at the homeless, gives you a different perspective from viewing it from a car when you drive by.

First customer of the night here...

As we walked further in, a black cat approach us and say 'Hi'....,OK, just pulling your legs. Guess the cat knows its supper time! Jennifer gave the cat some cat food and water. Pete lead the way for us, pinpointing where to put the food pack. There were roughly about 20-30 people there, from under the brige at both ends, to the ones sleeping on the grass at the middle of the round about. It was so dark that we cant hardly see anything under the bridge, I can only hear the sound of water rushing in Klang river. Over the other side of the river, there were a group of men sleeping and a young guy came over and told us there are 6 people there. As we sorted out the food and bread, Tiki started a conversation with him and found out that he is a Sarawakian, recently released from Singapore prison. Currently, has not start to find job yet. The conversation ended there as we were leaving to the other end of the river.

As we reach the other end, there were about another 6 people in the area. Under the darkness, a couple was awaken by our presence and I think she is pregnant as I couldnt see clearly in the darkness. The sight of her makes me wonder what would be the future of the baby when its born. :(

We then proceed to Masjid Negara, which estimated about another 30-40 people, sleeping at the open space. We leave the food with them and proceed to Klang Bus Station, where there are easily another 40 people sleeping in darkness.

Zzz...almost 2am...

After makan, lepak lo... they are the same as us..humans...
Our final destination was Restaurant Sukran opposite Menara Maybank. There is roughly about 25 people there, sleeping under the darkness of the night. We left the food pack with them and concluded for the night around 0200am. And one guy came and ask if there is any other food pack that has prawns since its nice and we told him no more. Little did we realised that he already taken a pack of food and wanted a 'better' one. Talk about selecting your food.. ;)

What else to say, except great job to Pete and the team for making a difference.

Like Arnold said... I will be Back! :P

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