Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feeding the Poor - Feb 2013

As per planned earlier, this month is our second month in Feeding the Poor Program. The fund for this month is based on the initial collection of RM3200, which RM1044 was utilised for February 2013.

The groceries were purchased earlier in order to be pack and ready to be delivered. The items delivered are the standard groceries - 10kg pack of rice, cooking oil, choco powder, mee hoon, a tray of eggs, maggie mee, canned beans and biscuits. I had the great companion of Melvin, Steele and Florence to accompany on the goceries delivery run around. On top of the delivery, we also have Florence distributing angpow to the homes as well. You should see the recipients faces and especially the kids as this was something that was unexpected. Its great to see smiling and happy faces even their circumstances are not the best.

We delivered the groceries on the morning of 23rd January 2013. We loaded the van (Thanks Melvin!) with all the groceries and proceed to our first recipient.

Loaded and ready to roll!

1st recipient

Florence giving her ang pow

Second home is nearby, and the recipient is a cancer patient.

Our 3rd recipient, located at low cost apartment. The children were expecting us when we arrived.

Another beneficiary of the ang pow! :)

Small home but rented for RM350!

Mom taking care of the youngest baby while dad is busy working.

Condition in the apartment

The next home

Another recipient in a diplated home

Wishing us good bye as we left

Some where near Kg Selat

A Muslim home with few kids and was very happy to receive the angpow.

No need to shy shy! :)

Even the makcik was happy receiving the ang pow!

A Cambodian Muslim single mom also part of the recipient

Melvin and Steele handing over the groceries

The final house that we delivered.

In total, we delivered to 9 homes as one family was not around. We complete the delivery about 1145am and conclude for the day. I would like to thank the donors again and thank on behalf of the recipients as RM100 may not be much but for those in need, it really means a lot. Thank you again.

Total spent - RM1024.20


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May I know where is this place? Would love to help them out too!

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