Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kids' Movie Day

With school holidays around the corner, the thought of bringing a home to see movies seems to be a good idea. After deciding which home to bring for movies, we start planning on the logistics. I was joined by joined by Yuva, Aishi, Jeff and Chewman. We had breakfast before proceeding to the home and our arrival was expected. First activity we did was to distribute the tags which the children were excited. Took almost 30 minutes to get the whole 26 of them!

Distributing the name tags

Cant wait to go out!

Camera shy is not the word here for sure!

Getting ready

Thanks Yuva for this!

The final output!

Tell me which kids wont get excited with Angry Mickeys? :)

Ready to go!

Not photo-shy at all

After to the movies, we also bring the children to McD for lunch. The children's Happy Meal comes with toys....and guess what, The Croods toys! :) One funny thing was, we went into the cinemas, watch the movie and come out..... without taking any photos! Probably because we dont want to take photo the Croods way! (You have to watch the movie to understand what I am trying to say here)

This image will have to do.....

The kids were immerse into setting up the toys after the meal. We spent the time playing with the kids and also spoke to Mr Muthu and understand the home's situation. The home requires what every other homes requires which is the basic groceries.

Not an easy task for us either!

Heading home after makan...
 We left McD about 330pm to head back to the home. Jeff dropped the children off at the home and proceed in getting the cake, while we spend time with the kids. I didnt know that we also have magicians among us.. ;)

Never camera shy at all.

Concentrating on the toy

Popular magician at work... a lot of encores!!!
 The grand finale event was getting a birthday cake for the March birthday kids.We had 3 March birthday boys and girls for the celebration, and the appreciation goes to Jeff for getting a 3kg pandan cake for them.

Arrival of the cakeman...

I cant keep my eyes of you...

You can see his happy face and smile!

Attached to the volunteer....

We left about 5pm after spending almost a full day with the children, and you can see the children are happy with the attention and time spent with them.I believe the children had an enjoyable day and my sincere thanks to volunteers and donors for spending time and contribution to make this a successful event. Thank you again! :)

Total amount spend for the Movie Day is as below :-
Movie tickets for 26 kids - RM234 (Chewman)
Volunteer tickets - RM70 (myself)
Mcd Meals - RM200 (Jeff)
Birthday Cake - est rm150 (Jeff)
Total Spent - RM654.

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