Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeding the Poor - May 2013

For May 2013 sponsorship, the 10 families' groceries are sponsored by Jeff Lim. We were scheduled to delivered on Saturday, 25th May 2013, but due to Tony's schedule, it was moved to Sunday, the 26th May 2013, 2pm. I have volunteers Carol, Amy, Edwina, Melvin, Lawrence and Tibol to help out. As usual, we proceed to Tony's house to load the groceries.

All pack and ready to go!

Thanks to ROV to accomodate all of the groceries!

The area of delivery covers Taman Sentosa, which we revisit the families that we went last month. The first family was the mechanic that has stroke, where only the wife is working now.

The second family is a single mother, working as a security guard and the husband was an accident victim who is unable to work.

The third family is a new family, which we have came for the third time. As we asked for more details, she told us she is only 35 years old with 3 children and advise us that being single is better. I guess I understand where here statements come from. Sadly, somethings in life can not be undo and we just got to live with it and make the best out of it.

We also came to the fourth home last month. The background is husband passed away due to cancer and has 3 kids. Reach Out Klang did cater nasi lemak from her before and if you want to help her out, you can buy from her as well.

The next family is the DJ that had an accident, who will only be going for operation in June. We also visited this family last month.

This family has 5 children, where 2 of them are staying in an orphange due to financial difficulties. The father is only a lorry attendant while the mom is a housewife. The home needs children diapers (XL size). If you have any to spare or donate, please let us know.

The next family stays in the low cost house, which we also visited last month. The husband died in jail and the mother is one eye blind. We almost forgotten about the goodies for the children and luckily, manage to distribute it to the kids. We noticed that even they are not financially well to do, the children are very well-mannered when they received the sweets and chocolate wafers.

The next family is also a single mother family, where the daughter now is learning to be a physiotherapist.

The last family that we delivered had a special child. As there were a lot of neighbours' children, we gave out all the sweets to them and you can see their happy faces when they receiving it. Their smiles makes our hardwork in the hot afternoon worthwhile as its priceless. Its not everyday they get stuff like this.

We delivered to total of 9 homes only and the balance of 1 will be delivered to another home by Tony himself. I would like to extend my appreciation for the team for helping out and hope for more participation in our future rounds.

If you want to volunteer in our next project, you can bring sweets/goodies for the children as it would be much welcome. Also bring a writing pad and camera to record keep the family background details.

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