Friday, May 1, 2015

Grocery For Needies Senawang, Negeri Sembilan - April 2015

Our adventure brings us to Senawang this round. The team depart early from Klang to Seremban for a quick breakfast, before heading to Giant Senawang. The target recipient are 50 needy families at Taman Jasmine in Senawang. Due to location problem, the event was held in Balai Raya Senawang Indah.

For this round, 5 volunteers were delegated to purchase 10 sets of groceries to lift the burden of purchasing by me..:P So, guess this would be our future modus operandi. Off course, it would be a problem if they got lost.. :)

With additional funding, we also have lucky draw in the choice of Milo (2kg) and also biscuits in order to make the event more lively! Its great to see everyone hoping to win something and the laughter on their face when they won. TQ sponsors again!

At Giant Senawang to purchase the 50 packs of rice.

We also have lucky draws for the recipients! Its getting a foothold as part of the activity!

All smaller item groceries were pre-purchased in pack of 10 by 5 volunteers..

Additional bread is sponsored by Wendy and Family! TQ!

Registration as usual..

Sorry Dr.. you have to give speech again.. :P

Volunteers helping recipients upon taking their grocery

A NICE perfect view from the surau! :)

Second Gen Volunteers helping out as well...

Queuing for their groceries

Lucky winner!

The Team that made it! :) And more more volunteers n sponsors that are not in the picture. TQ again!
Date :- 12/4/2015
Location : Senawang
Landmark : Balai Raya Taman Senawang Indah

Again, many thanks to sponsors and volunteers who have make the event a successful one. For more photos, click here.

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